Zombie Resurrection (2013) DVD Review

zombieresurrection1Zombie Resurrection (2013) DVD Review
Directors – Jake Hawkins & Andy Phelps
Writers – Andy Phelps (Screenplay) & Jake Hawkins
Starring – Eric Colvin, Jim Sweeney, Danny Brown, Simon Burbage, Jade Gatrell, Georgia Winters

UK DVD & BluRay Release 23rd March 2015 from Left Films

OH NO I hear you cry, not another bleedin Zombie film. And to be honest it is not like we need another Z flick to add to the 1000 other undead titles. Or do we?

Zombie Resurrection is the debut feature for writers/directors Jake Hawkins & Andy Phelps.

Synopsis – 15 months after the apocalypse, a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they encounter a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life

Zombie Resurrection starts 458 days into a zombie apocalypse where we join a group of rag-tag survivors who are travelling through the woods of England and surviving against the (slow and shuffling) zombies who are everywhere.

The group are looking for a safe location named Imperium and are travelling there . The group are made up of the following:

Major Gibson – The OTT self proclaimed leader of the group.
MAC – A foul mouthed Scot soldier who is the real leader of the group.
Ester – A highly religious and heavily pregnant African woman.
Beaumont – A middle-class wet blanket who loves golf and his daughter.
Becca – Daughter of Beaumont.
Gandhi – Annoying, horny and cowardly.
Harden – A super chavvy cockney woman who says it like it is.
Sykes – A scientist who is being held as a prisoner by the rest of the group , but why?

zr2So as we follow the group they decide to hole-up in an abandoned school. But unfortunately the school is far from abandoned and is actually teeming with the undead. But whilst there and fighting for their lives the group spot a zombie who can actually turn zombies back human again just by laying hands on them!!

So who is this Christ-like zombie ? And will our group ever make it to Imperium ? And why am I asking you the reader these questions?

For me when I hear the words Zombie Comedy then I just cringe. Now there have been a few gems such as Return of The Living Dead , Shaun of The Dead , Juan of The Dead and the recent UK hit Stalled. But the majority of ZomComs fall flat on their undead arses , mainly due to poor scripts and acting. BUT no need to worry with Zombie Resurrection as it is a real triumph.

The acting on the whole is great apart from the odd OTT/Am Dram moment and the script is superb. That said the film does feel saggy for around 20 minutes in the middle , but this is really all the negatives I could find.

The opening title sequence is fantastic , with wonderful green and black animation and it really sets the film off to a running start. The comedy is full on and at many times laugh out loud. The star of Zombie Resurrection is most definitely Jim Sweeney who plays the foul-mouthed Scot soldier MAC. He is unruly, abrasive and so damn rude. He has a real potty mouth but also a heart of gold, superb casting and Sweeney is used to his superb best.

During the final 20 minutes we lose the comedic parts of the film and ZR goes to some seriously darks places. Yes ZR has a few flaws but overwhelmingly the positives massively outweigh the (few) negatives. Great practical FX, a unique premise, stunning sets and some damn funny/bloody moments mean that Zombie Resurrection can hold it’s head well above the majority of modern zombie films and it is a feature that is well worth checking out.

zr1It really is a joy to stumble across an Independent British horror that is well made, gory, funny, poignant and unique. Please give Zombie Resurrection a try and support UK Horror.


You can order Zombie Resurrection from Left Films by visiting Amazon on these links – DVD & BLURAY 

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