Zombeak (2006) Review


Zombeak (2006)


Dir. Sam Drog – 72 Minutes


When you have a no budget, poultry based satan worshipping redneck romp whats the worst that can happen?

Well the worst is Zombeak.

Directed by Sam Drog(?) Zombeak is the story of Melissa (played by Melissa K Gilbert) who is a busty blonde haired waitress at the local Cooters cafe.

While she is innocently making out with her boyfriend Bobby Ray (Jason Von Stein) round the back of the cafe , she is abducted by a quartet of very camp Satanists who take her to an old abandoned house for a secret ritual.

Meanwhile Bobby Ray sets off with his cop brother Fasmagger and Cooters manager Max to rescue his girlfriend and beat on those Satanists.

Back at the house Melissa is told she is to be impregnated by Satan himself at the stroke of midnight. The satanists start the ritual by sacrificing a chicken and at midnight the boys rush in to rescue Melissa.

 As they try to free Melissa the spirit of Satan is stuck and has nowhere else to go but into the deceased chicken.

And so we have it, a possessed chicken is now on the rampage and looking for revenge.

The film starts OK and goes downhill very rapidly. The acting is bad – very bad. The script is none existent and the effects are so poor. I wanted to like it and I really hate slating films that people have put time and effort into but this is really quite poor.

I quite enjoyed the premise of the whole zombie chicken thing but it just doesn’t work at all , and the cgi blood is so annoying.

Avoid this its a foul one (sorry) 2/10


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