We Are What We Are (2010) Review

wawwa1We Are What We Are (2010)

aka Somos lo que hay

Dir. Jorge Michel Grau – 90 Minutes

BluRay DVD Chelsea Films UK 15 Certificate

With the US remake just around the corner (starring Kelly McGillis and Michael Parks) I felt it time to pick this up on BluRay. I have heard quite a bit about it and mostly good , so with the snow outside what better to do on a Saturday morning than watch some Mexican cannibal family fun.

The film starts with a man collapsing and dying in a shopping mall. Then we cut to his family of a wife , two sons and a daughter who are bereft by the fathers passing.

So it is up to eldest son Alfredo (superbly played by Francisco Barreiro) to take the reins and become head of the family.

However this is no ordinary family, they are in fact cannibals living in urban Mexico City and it is time for another kill and it is up to Alfredo and his siblings to come up with a plan to get their next victim as their Mother has locked herself away in her bedroom.

At the same time the police are informed that the father had a human finger in his stomach and he may be involved in the disappearance of many local prostitutes.

As the police close in and Alfredo and his family try to continue their cannibalistic lives the film hurtles towards a dramatic finale.

This is one of the most disturbing films I have seen in a long time. The way an entire family can live in a huge city yet be so far from normality and sanity is scary.

There are also undertones of sexual and physical abuse with the children.

wawwa2The DVD cover has quotes saying things like “Gorefest” and “Shocking Gore” but this is so much more than that. Yes there are some fairly graphic scenes but more than that it is the complete undercurrent of dread and hopelessness that permeates throughout that is the real horror in this film.

It is very very slow at times and can almost be unwatchable at others but this is a triumph of a film that ticks along nicely until the fantastic last 15 minutes which left me breathless .

I don’t know if I actually enjoyed watching this but I know it will stay with me a long time and for that it is well worth picking up .It is not a nice watch but is a worthwhile one.

Finally I have no idea why a remake is needed or in fact necessary. But time will tell I guess.

Nihilistic, disturbing, nasty, grimy, dirty and at times downright miserable but a must watch. Forget the gore its the human monster itself that is the true horror here.

Remember family is everything 7.5/10

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