UK Horror Scene to close it’s website !

With over 2000 articles, reviews and interviews UK Horror Scene has become one of the leading UK genre websites with millions of hits per year. But all good things must come to an end and after almost 5 years of bloody fun it is time for UK Horror Scene to close it’s website.

This is due to increased costs from our web hosts and also the lack of time from editor and UKHS founder Andy Deen.

BUT UKHS will continue as a social media only news outlet , so we will still be sharing all horror news on Twitter and Facebook.

Lastly this is a little thank you from myself (Andy Deen) to all the people who have helped, supported and written for UK Horror Scene. We have had over 100 writers and contributors and I really do appreciate all contributions.

So this is a short but sweet end and from Friday 13th October 2017 (what an apt date haha) the website will no longer be updated and will be offline sometime shortly after that date.

Keep in touch through Twitter and Facebook !

And if you have any horror news etc then email

Thank you everyone,

Andy Deen

About Andy Deen

A horror fan for as far back as I can remember . The first things that scared me were Doctor Who and the BBC ghost stories . As an early teen the video revolution came along and with it the Video Nasty campaign , and through all that I immersed myself in all things nasty. I love Slashers, Haunted House Stories and Devil Worshipping/Panic Films . I watch too much horror , listen to loud Heavy Metal and enjoy the odd tattoo \m/\m/
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