The Wrong House (aka House Hunting) (2013) DVD Review



The Wrong House (aka House Hunting) (2013) DVD Review


Dir. Eric Hurt – 102 Minutes


UK Release – 101 Films


Starring – Mark Singer , Art LaFleur , Hayley DuMond , Janey Giogiosa , Paul McGill


Charlie Hays (Mark Beastmaster Singer) is a banker , newly married to a younger wife Susan (Hayley DuMond) and with a teenage daughter from a previous marriage Emmy (Janey Giogiosa) .


Don Thomson (Art LaFleur) is a dour man , he chain-smokes and is married to the perpetual grieving wife Leslie (Victoria Vance) and has a son Jason (Paul McGill) who is currently walking on crutches after breaking his leg in a car accident.


Now what both families have in common is they are both looking for new starts as a chance to move forward and leave the past behind. So as a consequence both families are house hunting and happen to turn up at the same time to an open house viewing for a large house with 70 acres of land. The house seems on the surface to be just what both families are looking for.



As the Hays family set off in their car to leave a girl runs in front of the car forcing Charlie to crash into a tree. In obvious distress and bleeding from the mouth they manage to calm her down. Everyone then gets into Don’s car to take the girl to hospital, however every time they drive off from the house they find themselves heading towards the same home. No matter what Don tries he cannot seem to leave the land on which the house is on.


And so this is where The Wrong House really kicks in. Both families find they are trapped in the house and land with no way of escape. It is like Groundhog Day meets Sinister with some stunning supernatural twists along the way.


The confinement of two families forced to live together in very unfavourable circumstances causes everyone to act and react in differing and ever increasingly bizarre and unstable ways , bringing to a head the demons that each individual is forced to face.



The premise may sound slightly over the top , but this really is at times a unique, well crafted film that has many great moments and kept me glued to the screen throughout.


The Wrong House is a wonderful fresh addition to the haunted house genre and is easily as distinctive and original as anything released in the last few years.


The Wrong House is a great watch and very highly recommended 8/10


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