The Revenant (2009) Review

The Revenant (2009)

Dir. D Kerry Prior – 117 minutes

The film is written, produced and directed by special effects expert D Kerry Prior (Lost Boys, The Abyss) and although made in 2009 was only released on DVD here in the UK in April 2012.

The film starts with Bart (David Anders – Once upon a Time , 24, Vampire Diaries and Heroes) being killed while on tour and then we go to his funeral where he is mourned by his best friend Joey (Chris Wylde) and girlfriend Janet (Louise Griffiths).

Then just 24 hours later Bart arrives at Joey’s apartment , now both men are seriously confused as to why this has happened. After finding that Bart dies during daylight hours only to awaken at dusk Bart and Joey agree that Bart is some type of vampire and can only survive by drinking human blood.

They start by raiding the local blood bank and then evolve into vigilantes who kill local thugs and villains for their blood.

It becomes a fun gory romp through the mean streets of LA with gun and fist fights and blood galore.

Now I loved this up to around the hour mark but then the film really slows down , the humour dries up and it becomes a far more serious film which really didn’t fit well.

There were(at times) just too many ideas going on especially towards the end and left me with the feeling that this could have almost been two films in one. I would have loved it if the first half of the film would have just continued and finished at around the 90 minute mark instead other ideas are brought to the film and it drags on almost to the 2hour mark.A real shame as the first hour was brilliant with so much energy and humour.

That said I still enjoyed it a lot and the make up and effects were fabulous, the acting between Anders and Wylde was brilliant and electric at times and had me in stitches early on.

This is a must watch for any zombie and horror fan, and was a lot of fun just a shame it was let down by an overlong running time and to many plotlines that jumble the films last 40 minutes.

The eyes have it 7/10


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