The Prey (2015) Short Film Review

theprey1The Prey (2015)

Director: James Webber

Writer: James Webber

Stars: Rebecca Van Cleave, Sam Gittins, James Alexandrou

Runtime: 9min

Tagline: After an argument with her boyfriend whilst driving back from a party, Mel ends up alone in the wrong side of town on a dark Halloween night.

Short films are an absolute delight, a special breed of the motion picture art form. They live or die on the quality of the handful of lines and scenes contained within them. A lot of care must be taken to ensure the best story can be told, I feel is done most effectively through visual cues. This isn’t writer director James Webber’s first rodeo either, he has a career in television and film spanning back as far as 2009, there has been plenty opportunity to hone his craft and I think The Prey is a fine example of this.

theprey2Set in suburban England, Mel (Rebecca Van Cleave) is having a bit of a tiff with her boyfriend Ethan (James Alexandrou) and exits the car in a huff. As with a lot of horror films the plot may revolve around a simple hook, as the title suggests, Mel becomes the prey. With a heavy use of red, your eyes are drawn to Mel, the only colour amongst the dark and wet backdrops of the October night. Low angles and close ups, building tension. Her fate unknown as a young man spots her from across the street…

I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to view The Prey pre-release and I must say I was not disappointed. The film is simple and highly enjoyable. For anybody looking for a quick horror fix, The Prey is well worth the 7 minutes of viewing, a tasteful dark comedy of sorts, on a budget, it made the most of it.

Preying for more.


theprey3The Prey is currently heading to major domestic and international genre film festivals and will première on-line on towards the end of 2015.


The Springhead Film Company:

Mini Productions:


Twitter: #ThePreyFilm

Trailer for The Prey below!


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