The Maze (2010) DVD Review


themazeThe Maze (2010)

Dir. Stephen Shimek  – 90 minutes

101 Films (UK)

Five teenage friends have the great idea to break into a corn (or maize) maze in the night , so they can (like all these crazy kids do these days) play a game of tag.

What they don’t know is that there is a psychopathic killer on the loose and he decides that it would be fun to join in and play along. So as the kids separate and hide while one tries to find the others the killer can take his time and have his pick of the teenagers.

The Maze is a very generic slasher film , it has the basic 5 kids go off to do something (usually in the dark) and end up being picked off one by one by a crazed killer. This has been done many times before and I must say often much better.


The thing that irritates me is that The Maze brings very little new to the genre , it fits all the slasher tropes but with it only being rated 15 then when the kills arrive more often than not the camera will either pan away or just not show anything.

The acting is OK and the camera work is fine , but there is just nothing here that *floats my boat* .

themaze2If you like slashers and want an easy to watch basic horror film then The Maze is for you. There are some good moments and a nice little twist but it all ends up distintively average.

Don’t go to the corn maze in the dark , just stay in and keep safe 5/10

Released in the UK by 101 Films – please take time to check out a great UK company –


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