The House That Cried Blood (2012) Short Film Review



The House That Cried Blood (2012) Short Film Review

New York based production company Sideshow Pictures released this as their Halloween 2012 release .

Written and Directed by Frank Sabatella , it tells the story of four teens who on Halloween venture into the local haunted house. The house is supposed to be cursed by Old Lady Death who lost her two children in tragic circumstances.

The film is beautifully shot at times and has some really creepy moments that I enjoyed , however it is held back by some average acting, dodgy script and the death scenes and final shot are pretty poor which is a shame as it had real promise.

That said it is still 17 minutes of above average haunting horror that kept me gripped and was in the main very enjoyable.

I particularly liked the intro credits and all the poster art that accompanied this that gave it a real 1980′s horror video feel.

A good 6/10

So sit back and enjoy :)

The House That Cried Blood from Sideshow Pictures on Vimeo

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