The Factory aka Death Factory (2014) DVD Review



Directed By: Steven Judd

Written By: Stephen Durham, David McLellan

Starring: Semi Anthony, Damien Puckler, Randall Bosley, Cameron Bowen

UK Certification: 15

RRP: £9.99

Running Time: 80 minutes

Distributor: 4 Digital Media

UK Release Date: 7th July 2014

Bogus cover quotes?… check

Generic sleeve featuring an isolated wood-built building that’s not in the film?… check

Daft storyline featuring a group of people stranded in the middle of nowhere?… check

Ah yes, just another week in the merry world of direct to video horror films. In this case The Factory just happens to have the most ridiculous storyline ever committed to celluloid. Imagine it, you’re a tourist and the bus in which you’re travelling breaks down. You look for shelter, but alas the nearest point of sanctuary just happens to be a museum for serial killers. What are the chances huh? Even more unexpected is that this exhibition happens to showcase a horror hall of fame which is about to me re-animated by supernatural forces. I hate it when that happens.

FACTORY 002After a ponderous opening title sequence we open with a sinister bearish man beating up a woman. It turns out it’s a nightmare being endured by Simon (Puckler) who chooses keeps his past secret, but judging by the bad dream we were privy to it transpires that it was his mother being brutally attacked – something Simon bore witness too before dealing a fatal blow to this attacker. Simon is currently a passenger on this fabled bus journey, and as his friend alludes “he’s looking to escape the past”.

Meanwhile in a deserted town we’re introduced to the owner of the Death Factory, an off the beaten track homage to serial killers of years gone by. This guy’s a collector, complete with samples of Jack the Ripper’s blood, an authentic death row chair and samples of Ed Gein’s decorative homewares. The owner of this Death Factory though is about to receive a proposition from a mysterious visitor who wants to purchase this house of horrors. Visiting under the ploy that he’s a solicitor, this man of intrigue turns out to have very sinister intentions which are about to be demonstrated on Simon and our wandering tourists, whose bus has now broken down and they’re looking for shelter.

So we’ve got the annoying white preacher, the ditzy two girls, the young soldier, the goth and the female version of Mr.T – the caricatures are endless. Oh, then there’s the “hmm, this looks like a book of spells, why don’t we read it out loud then have sex” moment. This is the opportunity for our famed serial killers to rise from the dead, presumably because some of their artefacts are in this location. We’re redefining the term ‘tenuous link’ here.

FACTORY 003Maybe it’s just me, but I find the concept of re-animating serial killers like some kind of classic Universal Monster alongside some shoehorned in T&A to be pretty distasteful. Fine – put them in a Lifetime TV true story, or shoot it like Alan Ormsby’s Deranged (1974), but THIS? Is this how desperate we’ve become? Bringing back to life a dude who sexually assaulted and murdered over 30 teenage boys for entertainment purposes? Sorry Mssrs Judd, Durham and McClellan, but I think this is an abhorrent sleazy little movie that will only serve to repel and disgust anyone that’s unfortunate to come across it. I wish I could un-watch the last 75 minutes of my life, but most of all I wish I could just make something like this disappear.

Verdict 0 out of 10


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