The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012) DVD Review

esc4The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012)

Director: Damian Morter

Starring: Tim McGill Grieveson, Damian Morter, Paul Collin-Thomas, David Frampton, Sam Cullingworth, Stuart Wolfenden, Sarah Jane Honeywell.

At this moment in time, more and more Zombie horror flicks are getting churned out than chocolate at Mr. Willy Wonka’s factory. Most of them fall flat on their faces just like a dozen zombies being shot in their bloody heads with a huge shotgun but this little gem from Safehouse Pictures UK works on so many levels, thanks to the brilliance of Damian Morter. I definitely recommend checking this one out!

The story begins with a young man called Matthew who seeks refuge in a secure compound in the hills, spending his days continuously picking up the remains of the dead from the roadside and burning them on his fire.

One day Matthew encounters Cal, a mysterious stranger who walks into his camp and passes out in front of him. Matthew takes the stranger in, checking out Cal’s belongings, he comesacross a book, The book documents 3 events of horror which Cal has experienced. Matthew soon learns how the world became full of monsters. The Eschatrilogy: Bookof the Dead gives us three amazing stories which charts three stages of a zombie outbreak. ‘Dead Inside’,’The Dying Breed’ and ‘A Father for the Dead’.

esc1The first story ‘Dead Inside’ follows the story of a father who leaves his wife and daughter late one evening while he goes to work to finish a job off. He comes across an accident on the road and we soon see the story unfold with pure terror.

‘The Dying Breed’ is my favourite part of this movie. A young man named Alex, armed only with a baseball bat, navigates the streets of hell with zombies at every corner.

‘A Father for the Dead’ follows a father and his son out on the road looking for safety. The two of them soon find a place to take refuge, not knowing other survivors are inside along with hundreds of zombies closing in.

Damian Morter brings to the screen his stunning storytelling and makes a vision come alive along with Dean Hinchcliffe’s fabulous digital photography throughout the movie. Damian and his wife Nicola, the producer, made a bloody good movie here that I believe will stand the test of time and for a micro-budget indie film this is superb. The locations are outstanding from the Zombie overrun housing estate to the ruined farmhouses. Most of the actors in this are new and it may show a little at times but the film does display some very unique characters along with some really fine acting performances from Tim McGill Grieveson as Matthew, Damian Morter as Cal, Paul Collin-Thomas as Alex, Nicholas Dare as David, Chris Orton as a psycho priest and the two youngsters Fransesca Turton and Flynn Allen. A number of recognizable faces are also in The Eschatrilogy:Book of the Dead including Sarah Jane Honeywell (from Children’s TV show Tikkabilla) and Stuart Wolfenden (Dead Man’s Shoes,Prisoners Wives)

esc3The make-up is also superb in this unlike many other indie horror films and the film score is fantastic. I would love to see the soundtrack available on CD to buy or as a download.

Safehouse Pictures UK is certainly an independent film company to watch out for in the future.

The film will be released on DVD later this year. In the meantime, check out the trailer and look out for updates at

Picture courtesy: Damian Morter



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