The End by Adam M Booth – Book Review


theendThe End by Adam M Booth – Book Review

Self Published Paperback and Kindle Editions available.

Zoe is a single parent, she is in her thirties drives a 4×4 and dresses inappropriately at work . One Friday evening she is driving to pick her daughter up from the train station. Everything seems fine to Zoe but on the way , we the reader are given little hints that all may not be so normal. The ashen grey lady in the petrol station, the static on the radio instead of stations and then en-route Lucy stops to help an injured man and get nothing but a low gurgled groan when she phones the emergency operator.

So Zoe arrives at the station , but her daughter’s train is running late. A group of passengers have seemingly sheltered in a café on the opposite platform , and Zoe becomes aware of them staring over and in particular one man in a torn t-shirt. Then suddenly a train engulfed in flames shoots through the station and crashes , and in a daze Zoe sees the man in the torn shirt walk slowly towards her arms outstretched as if to embrace her…….

theendcarpetThe End does something that is very rare, it tells the story of a zombie apocalypse but from inside the head of an actual zombie. You get to feel the hunger, the pain, the incredible loneliness as Zoe comes to terms with her situation yet she has no way of controlling herself. She is now running on zombie autopilot.

This is Adam M Booth’s début book and it is remarkable. He writes in a beautiful poetic manner, the pages are full of striking visual descriptions and then sudden dramatic prose, and running throughout The End is a beating rhythm, as you read you will find yourself reading to a certain rhythm.

Now The End is not just a zombie novel, it is also the story Zoe , a hugely flawed women whose past and present life is woven into the zombie apocalypse . We stay with Zoe as she lurches to find her next meal, as she still clings mentally to her humanity as the zombie urges take over her body.

The End is a great read, it is wonderful to get inside the head of an actual zombie and see what Zoe sees and to hear what she thinks. To be with her as her body starts to decay and be with her as her one last push with her last ounce of humanity arrives.

THE-END-PROMO-PIC3-1024x576A stunning début from Adam M Booth that will not be everyone’s cup of tea due to the way it is written as Booth’s style is very poetic and does feature (especially towards the end) the use of very short and singular sentences which I did struggle with a little I must admit. But it is a real breath of fresh air to read something zombie related that has a fresh take on the genre. Yes it features many of the obvious zombie tropes but when you are dealing with the undead , there are certain things that will crop up across the board.

If you are a zombie fan then this is a must, and if you just want to try something a little different then why not sit back and read in one go The End as it is a perfect one-sit read, especially as you will not be able to put it down!!


The End is currently £4.99 in paperback and is also on Kindle . To get them then follow the link HERE .


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