The Death Hours Part 1 (2012) DVD review

tdh1The Death Hours Part 1 (2012) DVD review

The Death Hours Part 1 (2012)

Dir. Robert Noel Gifford 59 mins

Starring: Jacquelyn Velvets, Kerri Taylor, Suzi Lorraine, Kylee Nash.

This DVD from the director of No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell contains two short films, Dirty Little Dead Things and The Wishing Box. Each one is a fun throwback to 1980s horror, featuring a bonanza of boobs and blood which horror fans will greatly enjoy.


After being rejected by every woman he knows, a psychotic loser (Robert N. Gifford) makes a deal with the Devil to bring dolls to life to seek revenge on the women that rejected him.

The film begins with some colourful credits along with a decent score. The story starts when a young female victim is tortured and killed, blood is taken from her by a syringe and injected into the dolls necks to bring them magically to life. We then move onto a mysterious package getting delivered to the homes of 4 women, each one opens the package and finds a very scary looking doll inside along with a tiny knife. The first woman to receive an anonymous package is Darian Caine, after she returns home from a hard day at work. Gifford, lets the story unfold with some nice camera angles and a cool build up to the doll making his appearance from inside the package.

tdh2The scene with Darian at the bottom of the staircase with the doll at the top is really cool, with the doll looking more like a very evil, rejected Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds puppet looking down at her. Soon after this the doll takes her life. I love how we hear the slashing knife sound but don’t actually see what’s happening. After we see Darian lying in a pool of blood the story moves onto the next woman Kerri Taylor. Kerri opens the package on her bed while she is completely naked and the doll gets to spend some time on the bed with her ( if only Chucky had been this lucky) before it’s placed on the bedside tablet to do it’s slashing.


Next up we see Suzi Lorraine (making a special appearance) open the packed and then finally Jacquelyn Velvets becomes the last one. Gifford does a nice job directing this, he also wrote it and performed the music. The acting is also decent from each actress with Jacquelyn Velvet delivering the best line of the film,” little son of a bitch came with his own knife”. The doll did have a name that was given to it on set, Crazy Little Lou, let’s hope it makes a return soon!


A thousand year old box containing the black stones of the sorceress Cozara (Stella Kim) has been found. Now anyone who is foolish enough to open the box will have only one wish, they will wish for death. The film begins with some interesting text about Cozara and the stones along with some really cool visual effects of Cozara checking on the stones which are superb for a low budget movie. The soundtrack is also good and reminds me a little of the John Carpenter Horror movies back in the 80s.

tdh3Again, just like the other short we follow the lives of various people and watch the stories unfold once they open the box. We begin with Richie, Rachel, Tracy and the Box. Richie (Phil Lewis) is an alcoholic who is also in possession of the stones, which he keeps in the basement. His partner, Rachel is bitching at him for drinking and having no job, when suddenly she hears the sound of a baby crying, coming from the basement.


Rachel goes down into the basement to investigate and finds the stones. Meanwhile Rachel’s friend Tracy comes to pick her up for work and Richie decides to greet her with a gun. Who will live and who will die and what will Rachel do now she is fascinated with the power coming from the box?


We then move on to Room 302, Krista’s flashbacks and the Box featuring Kylee Nash as Krista. Krista is a young woman who has been left money by her late Grandmother, she spends the money on books and stones on magic instead of her education and future. Her Mother even tries telling her to think of the future instead of buying all this Hocus Pocus crap. Krista goes off to meet Sal, a friend at a Motel who is bringing her a box full of Stones. Sal brings the box and when Krista opens it she is disappointed and goes into the bathroom to sulk. The stones soon possess her and Sal is in for a shocking surprise.


Soon after, Krista is confronted by Sal’s girlfriend Mary and we soon see Kylee Nash, half-naked, having fun with a knife and her huge breasts before the story comes to an end. The end credits show whats to come in the second part of The Wishing Box that will be featured on the next The Deaths Hours Part:2 DVD. I was a little disappointed to see cute Brazilian actress Vania Bezerra only appearing in the end credits but looking forward to seeing her in part 2. Vania recently worked with Robert Noel Gifford on Blaze of Gory and she also appeared in his movie No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell. Gifford does use a lot of the same actors especially the beautiful women like Vania.

tdh4This DVD will appeal to anyone who loves low budget horror, the special effects are good and Robert Noel Gifford gives you two short films. The acting is ok but no Oscar winning performances but he does let them have fun especially Kylee Nash. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work soon.

7 out of 10

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