The Brood – Candice Carveth 35 years on. The Cindy Hinds Interview.

The Brood – Candice Carveth 35 years on. The Cindy Hinds Interview.


brood2With Second Sight films releasing David Cronenberg’s classic The Brood on BluRay (see my review HERE), then I wanted to do something a little different here at UKHS . When I think of The Brood there are two images that stick in my mind , one is of Candice being led down the long desolate snow covered road and the second is Candice with her back against the door screaming in terror whilst “The Brood” are trying to break it down to get to her .

Now both images feature Candice (played by Cindy Hinds) and on the BluRay there is an interview with Cindy (and Art Hindle) where she describes some of her experiences on set. So I got it in my head to try and find Cindy and maybe ask for an interview!

Now what could be easier than trying to track down a child actor that has not worked in film or TV for nigh-on 30 years?

Well completely out of the blue (or as luck would have it) Cindy then actually got in touch with me, she wanted to scold me for my misspelling of her name in that recent Brood review. So tail between my legs I sheepishly asked Cindy for a quick interview and here is the result!


Hi Cindy and please can I firstly thank you for taking the time to speak to me here at !!


How did you get into acting at such a young age? Andy, it’s truly my pleasure. What fun I have been having reminiscing about my childhood acting days and visiting with old friends. Thanks for being such a good sport about my name teasing. I got into acting when I was 4. My Mom, brother and I were shopping at The Bay, a well-known Canadian department store and it was local “Bay Days”. They had a guy dressed up as “Bay Man” and he approached my Mom about getting us in to acting and modelling. My Mom took him up on it, met up with an agent and the rest is history.


Your first film was the Brood , how did you ever get such a part? I was called in to audition. The role was quite serious. I know there was concern about a five year old being able to handle the part. I was eight but looked very young for my age so I think between my scream and looking a bit like David’s daughter, it all worked out rather well for me. It was my first movie roll and all very exciting for me.


David Cronenberg had previously released Shivers and Rabid. Were your parents aware of his work and was there any reservations about letting you work with him at such a young age? At the time, David was just coming into his own. My parents didn’t really know much about him at the time. My mom, whom I was living with, did do some research though to find out more about him and I guess since I did the movie, she was happy with what she discovered. I’m not sure any parent could have been sure what I was about to get into.


How was David as a director? David was absolutely wonderful! He was kind and thoughtful. My well being and safety were always his number one concern. He was always joking around with me. I have very fond memories of working with him and the entire crew.


You worked with some huge stars on The Brood especially Oliver Reed , do you have any memories or stories you would care to recollect and what was Oliver like to work with? He was a unique individual. He wasn’t one to hang around the set. The scene we had together was quite intense. He was great though. He made sure I wasn’t afraid. Between the gun and the blood is was quite gory. I do remember him getting upset because the shoot was going very late and he didn’t think it appropriate that a bunch of children should be working so late especially doing that scene. He definitely was pushing to get it done quickly so that all us kids could get some rest. I also remember him being quite the character at the rap party. He definitely liked to have a good time.


In the Brood you play Candice who is in a custody tug-of-war with her parents (played by Art Hindle & Samantha Eggar) , you had a lot of on-screen time with Art , but I believe you never actually had a scene with (your mother) Samantha Eggar. Did you even meet her on set and if so what was she like? I didn’t actually meet Samantha until the rap party. I remember meeting her and thinking how funny it was that I never met my mother. We chatted a bit but it was more pleasantries than anything.


How long did you film , and did you have to take time out of school? I believe I was out of school off and on for about 6 weeks. My teacher, Mr Graham, was awesome. I was a good student who did well, but I also had a wonderful teacher who supported me academically. My mom always made sure I did my school work. Doing well has always been important to me, even as a young child.


You had some really very intense scenes in The Brood, how on earth did you handle them? I don’t know how to answer that really. Now, as a grown woman, I think about that and ask myself that very question. I’m stong willed, I know that. I always have been. I’ve been through a lot in my life. My childhood wasn’t easy. I had a lot of things going on “behind the scenes” so to speak. (but that’s for Oprah) LOL. What I was experiencing in my acting was a breeze to what else I had going on so maybe that’s part of it. Truthfully, nothing I did in The Brood really ever fazed me. Not much did with any of the acting jobs I had.


The film was filmed in Toronto & Mississauga (I believe) , and looks very cold. Was it as cold on set as it looked ? It was colder! We filmed in a small community North of Toronto called Kleinburg as well. They had lots of blankets and hot chocolate for us. I got to wear that toasty snow suit so I wasn’t as cold as many.


After filming when was the first time you saw the film ? David held a private screening for me and a couple of the other kids so we could see it.


I believe you were around 8 at the time of filming , what did you tell your friends at school ? As I expect none of them could see the finished film for a few years 🙂 I didn’t say much. To be honest, I kept it as quiet as I could. I was ridiculed a lot in school and made fun of. A lot of school mates thought I was making it all up so I learned to just stop talking about it. That’s part of the reason I left the industry. I preferred people to not know about it. Even to this day, it’s only just recently that I have let people know about my past. I haven’t even shown my husband or kids any of my movies or shows. I know that sounds silly. The support and kindness of a handful of people recently are the only reason I’m even talking about it now. When I do tell people all that I did as a child actor, they are shocked. Initially they thought that I just did a couple shows and a movie. They didn’t realize that in the 70’s I was “in demand” as they say as a child actor. Especially when it came to the horror genre.


Please can you tell us all at UKHS what your lasting memories of the whole Brood experience ? I have so many fond memories. Many that have only recently come back because I have been talking about it so much lately. It was a true blessing in my life. I realize that now. I didn’t appreciate it then. I met and worked with incredible people. They all treated me incredibly well and for that I am forever grateful. I have had the incredible fortune of spending time with Art lately and I really hope to spend much more time with him. He is such a lovely man and so much fun to be around! I hope I get the chance to see David again too and any of the other incredible people I worked with on the set. It was an incredible experience.


(Cindy recently with her father from The Brood – Art Hindle)

The Brood wasn’t really well received on it’s initial release (Roger Ebert’s review was especially scathing) and also was victim to the censors scissors. However now almost 35 years on it is seen as a seminal work of psychological horror and often appears in “Top Horror Films” lists . Why do you think that is? You got me there. I would like to think it’s because people see the incredible depth and intelligence of David in this early work and appreciate what he was trying to do by going outside the box or what was considered “appropriate”. He truly was a pioneer with an incredible vision.


After your debut in The Brood you only appeared in a handful of other releases (including Cronenberg’s Dead Zone) then stopped. Was there a conscious decision to leave acting? As I mentioned, I did do a number of other things. I did a lot of television shows, commercials, modelling, radio, etc. I did do another horror movie called Deadline in ’79, Directed by Mario Azzopardi. I was hung in that one…a couple of times. That movie was much more intense and hard to do than the Brood. I also did a television mini series called Tales of the Haunted, in which I had the honour of working with Jack Palance. Dead Zone was actually the last acting job I did. I decided to step out for personal reasons and then never really had the opportunity to get back into it.


The majority of your roles were in the Horror genre. Why do think you were picked for these roles and do you yourself enjoy watching Horror films? I’ve gotten boring in my old age. Funny as this sounds, I’m not really a fan on the genre. I did love horror when I was younger, but grew away from it as I got older. My 12 year old daughter is forever trying to get me to watch the new horror movies that are out. I keep telling her that she needs to watch Freddy, Jason and Chucky from the ‘80’s if she wants a real good scare. Of course as she tells me, I have no idea what I’m talking about.


(Cindy with her husband Luc )

You are now a successful realtor and have a family. Do you have any plans to one day return to acting as either a career or maybe a cameo? I have no current plans to return to acting as a career anytime soon. I have a busy family that I adore and who need me. I have a 12 year old daughter and a severely physically disabled 10 year son who, along with my husband and 2 teenage step sons, are my world. A busy career in real estate along with being in the initial steps of opening up my own restaurant and being very active in my community doesn’t leave much time for anything else at the moment. I have to admit though that this has definitely been an enjoyable few months and should the right project arise, I think I would be hard pressed to say no. I truly did love acting when I was a kid and have always continued to follow what’s been happening in the industry. Maybe someday.


And finally are there any last words to the readers of UKHS? Just THANKS! Thanks for supporting the launch of the BluRay and for allowing me to share with you some of the great moments I had. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks to Chris Alexander of Fangoria for tracking me down and thank you Andy for being so kind with your review and having a great sense of humour!


Well that is it. Thank you so much for your time Cindy , it has been a pleasure and indeed an honour to speak to you. The Brood is one of my personal favourite films and your performance is THE outstanding one from the film alongside Oliver Reed . Thank you for the interview AND thank you for The Brood .


Andy Deen (UKHS)


Since the interview , myself and Cindy have corresponded and become (I hope) friends. She sent the more recent pictures and has told me about her plans to open a restaurant which she and her husband are building themselves. She has a wonderful family with strong support and a very busy life. I want to thank Cindy for the interview and being such a warm and generous person to deal with.

Since I began writing about my love of horror I have tried to contact many people. Most do not reply , some do and kindly offer to help and some go out of their way to help and take time out of their busy schedules . Cindy is definitely in the latter category and for that I will always be grateful , especially as I am such a huge fan of The Brood and her performance. Cheers Cindy !!


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