The Brood (1979) Second Sight Films BluRay Review


thebroodbluThe Brood (1979) BluRay Review

The Brood 1979  –  92 minutes

Dir. David Cronenberg

UK BluRay – Second Sight Films – released July 8th 2013

Starring – Oliver Reed , Art Hindle , Samantha Eggar, Cindy Hinds .


The Brood is a classic. There that’s the end of my review, watch it and on BluRay and then watch the extras . Then watch the film again.

This is a fantastic release from Second Sight Films , a beautiful clean crisp transfer and full of extras.

The Brood starts with Frank Carveth (Art Hindle – Black Christmas) whose wife Nola (Samantha Eggar – Exterminator) has checked herself into a psychiatric therapy centre run by Dr Raglan (Oliver Reed – The Devils) . Dr Raglan uses a technique called Psychoplasmics which may cause the patient to manifest their problems physically through growths etc.

Frank has custody of his daughter Candice but allows her to visit her mother , when Candice returns from a visit with bruises Frank decides to look into Psychoplasmics and Dr Raglan a little more.

What we get now is David Cronenberg’s look into the 1970’s obsession with therapy and also an almost autobiographical account of his own separation and child custody battle he had.


Oliver Reed is just immense as Dr Raglan , and the rest of the cast all put in superb performances including the great Cindy Hinds who played 5 year old Candice.


thebrood1That is about as much as I will say about The Brood , and rather than do a full review (as most people will/should have seen this) I thought I would do a brief review of each of the extras on the great release.


Producing the Brood

Producer Pierre David who has almost 150 films under his belt including Cronenberg favourites such as Scanners& Videodrome, talks about the production of The Brood and gives a lovely insight including tales of “Wildman” Oliver Reed.


The Look of Rage

Renowned Cinematographer Mark Irwin who has worked with David Cronenberg on many films including Dead Zone & The Fly , tells about the styling of The Brood and the works of David Cronenberg.


Meet The Carveths

Fangoria editor Chris Alexander interviews Art Hindle (Frank) and Cindy Hinds (Candice) and we get a wonderful discussion about The Brood and some rather insightful stories about Oliver Reed and Samantha Eggar. This is a rare interview with Cindy Hinds who played little Candice , and her and Art return to the school where some of the scenes were shot.


thebrood2Character For Cronenberg

Actor Robert A Silverman star of many Cronenberg films , tells of his life and how he became a Cronenberg regular.


David Cronenberg – The Early Years

The great man himself talks about his early work . With some fabulous views on Shivers and Rabid and how he got into directing.


In conclusion this is a MUST for any horror fan , it is a look into and behind the scenes of a classic in 1970s horror. Second Sight have released a BluRay that is made for horror fans and fans of David Cronenberg. The film looks beautiful and the extras really makes this a top notch release.


A quite wonderful 9/10

second sightSecond Sight are releasing the DVD & BluRay in the UK on July 8th 2013.


Second Sight Films are releasing some classic films through 2013. Please check their website HERE .

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