The Allotment (2015) Short Film Review

The Allotment PosterThe Allotment (Short Film)

Director: Mike Tack

Written by: Mike Tack

After two youths cause the death of an elderly gentleman they return to the scene of the crime to remove all evidence. What they don’t expect is the great evil waiting for them there.

Being an amateur filmmaker myself I know how hard it is to create a short film, you can put everything you have into a project and still come out with something you’re disappointed with, trust me I’ve made a stinker or two. Fortunately Mike Tack has nothing to worry about, as The Allotment is actually very, very good.

The Allotment was a joy to watch, the story is simple, it’s not too long, its tongue is planted firmly in its cheek and despite having, what I assume to be, a very low budget it is actually very well made.

The Allotment ImageIt uses familiar but not unwelcome camera techniques from the horror genre, POV shots etc. It has some fantastic instances of gore, especially impressive again considering the low budget is and it makes full use of it’s one location, an ordinary allotment by day and yet a creepy maze of vegetation by night.

The only problem I had whilst watching it was with some of the acting, which comes off as a bit amateur-ish at times, but come on now, I can’t really judge it too harshly!

I’m not sure when the film is released, I imagine Tack is hoping to show it around a few short film festivals first, but when it is officially released I urge you to give seven and bit minutes of your time and give it a watch.



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