Terry and Brenda (2014) Short Film Review

TERRY_AND_BRENDA_POSTERTerry and Brenda (2014)

Director: Jamie Hooper

Runtime – 15 mins

Starring: Tim Blackwell, Debra Baker, Lucy Hutchinson and Tom Geoffrey.

You can’t choose your family… but you can choose your victims.

Terry and Brenda is a dazzling 15-minute short film written and directed by the talented Jamie Hooper. The film revolves around a northern dysfunctional couple who have simple values in life. Hooper displays a stereotypical portrayal of low income family life with Terry and Brenda reminding me of the Royle Family with seedy elements of Fred and Rosemary West thrown in for good measure.

TERRY_AND_BRENDA_2The film begins with Terry and Brenda sat talking and watching television having a cosy night in with a plate full of biscuits, some filthy chat about fish fingers and discussing if Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Robocop. The only excitement the two of them get up to this point is when Terry records Robocop and Brenda gets a brew made for her. This is sweetly written and Hooper gives us a nice mixture of horror and comedy.

Suddenly we find out what the couple are really into when they make their way to the bedroom and we see them bound in leather with Brenda taking control ready for a night of weird sexual fantasies including making Terry beg like a dog for a bourbon biscuit. Brenda as a leather clad mistress gets her pleasure in a number of ways and the two of them even film themselves carrying out their aggressive fantasies. Without giving too much away other other elements are added to the storyline including a nice performance from Lucy Hutchinson playing the role of Kelly.

TERRY_AND_BRENDA_3The acting is really good in this, Tim Blackwell as Terry and Debra Baker as Brenda have great on screen chemistry and I would love to see much more of their characters even if I do find them a little scary. The weird thing is I know people who actually remind me of Terry and Brenda, it’s scary to know what goes on behind close doors and if these people have dark secrets and weird fantasies like Terry and Brenda!

Hooper gets everything spot on in this tasty short from Terry’s dirty vest and cheesy souvenir mugs to the atmosphere and superb cinematography. The humour works really well along with the unease throughout and not knowing where Hooper is taking us but one thing’s for sure Terry and Brenda will keep you hooked until the end!



Website – http://www.jamhoop.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/jamhoopfilm

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