Triple Six Horror Festival announce award winners 2017!!

rsz_triple_six_festival_sponsors_1The Triple Six Horror Film Festival had it’s debut this May 27th & 28th at the AMC Cinema in Manchester UK.

Showing  nine features and 13 shorts from across the globe it was a celebration of horror cinema and had many filmmakers, crew, actors and fans alike descending on Manchester which included the amazing Richard Stanley who was there for a special 35mm screening of Hardware and spent the entire weekend chilling with fans , signing autographs and who can forget his cracking live Q&A following Hardware, well I can as I was in A&E but that’s another story haha!!

So over 2 weeks have passed since Triple Six and it is time for the awards that were from the judges and also 2 special audience awards . So with great please the Triple Six crew can announce the following:

tonedeathposter_zpsjt6szourBest Film – Tone Death

Best Short – Pigskin

Best Director – José Pedro Lopes for The Forest of The Lost Souls

Audience Award Best Film – The Forest of The Lost Souls

Audience Awards Best Short – The Cleansing Hour


As a director of Triple Six I would like to thank all the filmmakers who submitted features and shorts for T6 2017 and all the people who made it possible with hard work. There are just too many to name but they know who they are , and finally all the people who paid hard-earned money to support a brand new horror festival and made Triple Six a huge success. Lastly thank you to Colin Ellis and everyone at the AMC cinema , who made this happen.

See you in 2018 , if not before 😉

The Cleansing Hour (2016) Short Film Review

tch1The Cleansing Hour (Short 2016)

Director: Damien LeVeck
Writer: Aaron Horwitz
Stars: Sam Jaeger, Heather Morris, Neil Grayston
Runtime: 19min

Synopsis (from iMDb): “Two failed filmmakers have found success running a webcast that streams LIVE exorcisms. However, every episode is an elaborately staged hoax, created to dupe their global audience.”

The Cleansing Hour is a brief horror comedy that will surely wet your appitite for more. Following a production team as they set up for the next episode of their now world acclaimed web series “The

Cleasning Hour” where exorcisms are performed by the big headed Father Lance (Sam Jaeger), a man who its hard to tell whether he is actually a priest along for the ride or an actor loving the new found fame of the series, he must keep up appearances for the show if recognised in public.

He isn’t all too pleased that Drew (Neil Grayston) the production guy has brought in a new sound guy (Jonny Radtke). Tonight’s subject is a familiar face for those of you who have watched the hit TV shot Glee, Heather (Heather Morris) she is delighted to be on the show and is over enthused to finally meet the celebrity exorcist.

tch2As the countdown to the show is underway we get a glimpse of different audience members from around the world getting ready to watch their weekly dose of The Cleansing Hour which is a nice twist and really gives the sense that this is indeed a global phenomena.

As the cameras start rolling and the actors set the scene all is not right in the studio, lights begin to flicker, props going off early. Little things here and there, until it really starts to ramp up.

Without going into too much more detail as the second half of the film is definitely the best half. Juggling horror clichés and tropes with a humorous edge, crafted superbly. The director certainly knows and wants you to know, he is borrowing from the classics. Shot brilliantly with a crisp clean finish, with great pacing, dialogue, set design, costumes, props, acting, music, everything is melded almost perfectly for such a short film. There is even room for twists and turns in there too that make for fantastic viewing.

tch3When I finished watching The Cleansing Hour, I was truly satisfied with what I had just witnessed, so often shorts feel incomplete or just not quiet hitting their mark, The cleansing Hour hits it out of the park compared to its running mates I’ve seen this year. As close to a perfect horror short as you’re going to get, my highest rated short to date!

Verdict: Near Perfect Horror Short