Scary Little Fuckers: A Christmas Movie (2015) Short Film Review

slfrev1Scary Little Fuckers: A Christmas Movie (2015)

Director – Nathan Suher

Starring Anna Rizzo, Josh Fontaine and Rich Tretheway

Runtime – 23 mins

It’s Christmas eve. An inebriated dad brings home to his adolescent son a gift he hopes will mend their faltering relationship, a Fookah, a devilish and disgusting creature that in turns wrecks havoc on their lives.

When watching short films you live and die (pun intended) on the story. In the small amount amount of time your film plays you have to get across your story, build your characters and resolve the point you are trying to make. With a short running time of 23 minutes Scary Little Fuckers has a good go on all points.

Being a massive fan of horror and 80’s horror in general, I immediately zoned in the opening scenes homage to Gremlins. A father goes to a dilapidated shop run by an inebriated owner dressed up as Santa to find his son a last minute Christmas present. Finding a Fookah, he takes it home. The scene also played like a scene from the BBC show ‘The League of Gentleman’, the local shop. They even have a rule – Never put them in the same cage together.

When films, or shorts in this case, try to straddle more than one genre, it can become confusing. Scary Little Fuckers has this, it comes across part comedy, part horror, it does take a moment to get used to, but works for the most part.

slfrev3The characters are likeable and self serving from the drunk father, the irritating immature son and the horny girlfriend (who has an attraction to the father for no reason). Another homage comes in the Fookahs themselves. Looking like a possessed Furby the effect surprisingly works as long as you accept what the filmmakers are going for and the budget they have to work with.

In conclusion, I commend the filmmakers for working within the restraints they have and for keeping my attention for the short running time. If they had just taken a bit more to stick to a genre the short would have felt a lot more whole.



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