The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #16 – Devil’s Due (2014) by Mark Pidgeon

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #16:

The Agony of DEVIL’S DUE (2014)

devilsdue1After a short break, E&A is back! And so too is Mark Pidgeon, this time bemoaning one pregnancy-themed horror that should have been drowned at birth…

After devouring my cinematic ecstasy, the monumental task of divulging my own personal filmic agony was set upon me; an incredibly painful exercise that could feature a whole catalogue of terrible horror movies with absolutey zero merit whatsoever. For me though, agony personified was the recent “blockbuster” Devil’s Due.

I was actually looking forward to seeing this theatrically – thanks to its innovative and funny marketing campaign – and the subsequent rage which flowed through my body like some kind of super siyan power for days after was overwhelming and annoying: I walked around in a dazed stupor, muttering under my breath about that bloody devil baby and stupid shaky-cam footage.

After a lost night on their honeymoon, newly-weds are rushed off to some kind of party by a weirdo taxi driver-cum-cult worshipper and the female is impregnated with some demon seed. Now so far so interesting but stop right there: go watch Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby instead, a far superior and suspenseful tale of demonic impregnation. If you’re still hankering after a bit of Satan child after that, give the orignal Omen a watch; just avoid Devil’s Due at all costs!

This found footage garbage is devoid of any substance; instead it’s like being dragged through your own personal hell. And not in a good, crazy-screwed-up horror way either! It could’ve been a creepy little tale but instead director’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett focus too much on intrusive cameras filming our lead couple that hinders and squeezes the life out of any sense of natural development. I’m actually surprised the cameras weren’t fixed to the damned toilets either, as this is certainly where this film goes…

devilsdue2The most obvious switch of a satanic doctor/midwife is bafflingly stupid too, and he does nothing to hide the fact that he’s bloody evil. I mean look at him! From that point, I really should have given up but no; I held out and was subjected to even more madness.

The film-makers themselves got so bored at the midway point they throw in three random teenagers allowing the possessed woman and showcase her devil powers,stupidly irrelevant to the couples story.

The scares are few and far between, any experienced horror fan will see the pay-off coming a mile off. In fact, just throw in all the clichés of satanic horror movies: priests getting nosebleeds, super devil powers(what is this super Devil Juice?), cravings for eating raw meat (even though she’s vegan), overt satanic symbolism and you have Devil’s Due.

The cult move into the most run down ,obviously creepy old building hideout(Scooby Doo where are you?) in order to monitor the pregnancy while they wait for the seed to develop, my god it feels like this boring movie takes nine months to end.

I’m sure the Devil himself would find this utterly repulsive movie garbage too; the whole film is more concerned with the last five minutes by which point I was bored to tears and very nearly sacrificed my own first born – which doesn’t even exist yet – to make it end. All this time they were just setting up a bloody sequel… Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

devilsdue3There are plenty more movies to seek out if you want some satanic thrills but please for the love of the horned one please don’t watch this film it doesn’t even fall into so bad its good territory. Sure, there is the argument that there are hundreds of films which are worse than this but I guarantee that every single one of them will have some tiny redeeming quality that makes them a million times more relevant than this life-sapping filth.



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