Short Film ‘The Promised Land’ launches Indiegogo Page!  

Short Film ‘The Promised Land’ launches Indiegogo Page!

The Indiegogo page for new short film The Promised Land is up now from UKHS friend and filmmaker Scott Lyus, check the details below and check the Indiegogo page , plus if possible spread the word!!

The Promised Land is a short film from London Film School student Johan Eskew and Produced by UK Filmmaker Scott Lyus. Taking a deep look into the worlds past and current issues with race and class, The Promised Land is set in a nightmarish future and ask the question of how far will we go if we let hate consume us, within a drama/horror/scifi epic.

Living in an America scarred by a civil war, Ross a 23-year-old Afro-Latin woman, scavenges for food and supplies to take to her safe house, all while on the run from the Enforcers. Along the way Ross is discovered by a young 11-year-old Caucasian girl, Lina, who is simply trying to get back home.

Looking out for herself, Ross attempts to distance herself from the young girl as she presents an immediate danger by association. In this world, Race does not mix. But leaving the girl behind is not an option and Ross soon finds herself on a journey to help Lina find her way home, all while trying to stay out of reach of the Enforcers.

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