A Life in Blood – Genoveva Rossi Interviews James Balsamo

rsz_gr6A Life in Blood – Genoveva Rossi Interviews James Balsamo

This horror queen recently filmed a few scenes on James Balsamo’s newest film, The Litch. I was on set two days playing a sexy fortuneteller in Acid Bath Productions newest horror comedy. We had a lot of fun shooting my scenes with the cast and crew. The Litch is a supernatural tale with chills and thrills. Dave Stein is “The Litch” makeup by James Balsamo, and teeth by Tom Fang

Then right after we shot my scenes I went to a resort in Mexico for some much needed sun and fun. Director James Balsamo moved to Los Angeles where he was able to secure a shoot with the great Tom Sizemore in record time! I am truly honored to be in The Litch with Sizemore. Also look for Acid Bath Productions film veteran and accomplished actor Robert Arensen (pictured) in The Litch with Tom Sizemore.

rsz_gr1While working on this article I reached out to Tom Sizemore and he asked that I mention that he is the ambassador for a film festival called Filmchella (filmcoachella.com), which will take place in California Sept 22-24. Sizemore is extremely passionate about this film festival so check out the website, submit your film, and attend.

Balsamo and I began our long horror relationship back in Oct 2011 when we had a scene together in a cornfield in Jennifer Valdes’ Jack ‘O’ Slasher. We became instant pals and in 2012 I acted in his now well known film I Spill Your Guts. That was a really challenging movie for me because it was my first big gore scene AND my first big romantic scene. But with our fearless director walking us through each scene with a sense of humor and calming disposition everything came together perfectly.

rsz_gr2Later we worked on Cool As Hell and when we shot my scenes my blood curdling screams brought two police cars to the scene. Balsamo called that a true testimony to my acting ability.

Next we shot Catch of the Day, which I play a hot tempered drug dealer in. Then it was Balsamo’s vampire flick Bite School that I play Suck-A-Rella in. My character was like a cross between Peg Bundy and a vampire. I had a super fun time shooting that one. Then I was a surfer in my red bikini and sunglasses for the recently released Killer Waves. Another fun day working with James Balsamo on another wacky and wild horror film. Working on one of his films is always an adventure!

Balsamo and I have also acted in a few films after Jack ‘O’ Slasher. In Sheriff Tom Versus the Zombies I play Jojo, the sex addicted séance leader and Balsamo was the hilarious Chad. In Manny Serano’s Blood Slaughter Massacre I play Angela Baker, a seasoned T.V. reporter and James is Ken my cameraman. We also pop up in Burn in Hell with Comic Book Men pal Ming Chen.

rsz_gr5A bunch of us genre actors have been working with James Balsamo for years and think of him as horror family: Bob Socci, Edward X. Young, Robert Arensen, Robert Youngren, and Jennifer Valdes. I think I speak for all of us when I say thanks for the screams, fake blood, and laughs. I hope to see James shortly in Los Angeles.

Actor and director James Balsamo and I discuss his life in horror:

1. What was it like working with Tom Sizemore on The Litch?

It was on honor working with Tom Sizemore! Tom was such a professional, and he gave me some amazing tips on some new blocking techniques. I guess you could say I’m a real block head now ha ha Ha!

rsz_gr32. What inspired you to become a horror director and actor? 

Tom Savini was my inspiration growing up. I read Tom’s “Grand Illusions” makeup books, and my love for Tom’s work and wanting to make creature features, and star in them really Spawned from that. I guess you could say Tom created one more monster by inspiring me. That’s why I was so honored when Tom Savini appeared in my film “Cool As Hell”, which we are currently filming a sequel to now!

3. What are some fun memories of working with me Genoveva Rossi?

Working with Genoveva is always a pleasure! We had a great time filming for “The Litch” in front of a waterfall that was featured in one of my favorite horror films “Alice, Sweet Alice”. Genoveva is always fun to have on set and always plays an amazing character in any of the films that she is in!

4. Where can fans find Killer Waves? And when can we expect The Litch? 

Killer waves my surf slasher masterpiece (I say masterpiece because it will leave you in pieces!) Is currently available at acidbathproductions.com! Look for my film “The Litch” featuring Dave Stein, Tom Sizemore, Genoveva Rossi, and yours truly James Balsamo coming out later this year!

rsz_gr45. How can fans keep up on your wild and exciting adventures?

Follow me on Twitter @acidBathproduct, or find me on Facebook! I am James Balsamo and I want to be your friend!
You can always see what conventions I’m gonna be at under appearances on acidbathproductions.com come see me in a town near you!

rsz_gr7Yours in screams, Genoveva Rossi
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(The great pics with green screen are by StrongtreeImages.)

A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #3

genrossibannerA Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #3


With James Balsamo

Welcome ghouls and boys to another chilling chapter of A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen. Horror truly is more than a genre, it is a lifestyle.

I recently had a fun time shooting a cameo for Killer Waves with the great James Balsamo of Acid Bath Productions then it was off to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, voodoo, and to shoot I Was a Teenage Alien Mutant Cyborg.

I recently go to meet up with James Balsamo of Acid Bath Productions and work on his newest film Killer Waves. Balsamo and I first teamed up for I Spill Your Guts in 2012 and we have become great horror pals and frequent collaborators. Fans can look for me in I Spill Yours Guts, Cool As Hell, Catch of the Day, Bite School and now Killer Waves!

killerwavesKiller Waves is about: A slasher is killing surfers to make a surfboard out of human flesh. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5241508/) This is a super fun horror comedy that fans of director James Balsamo are sure to love. Starring James Balsamo, Phil Anselmo, Chris Mulkey, Robert Maillet, Frank Mullen, Jake Hunter, Bob Socci, Robert Youngren, Robert Arensen, James Cullen Bressack, Chloe Berman, Mary C. Russell, Swan Olivera, Bryan Stumpf, Nadia White, Nicolie Blair, Natalie Henriquez, Brad Twigg, Timothy Beal, Theresa Ireland, Shawn C. Phillips, Brendan Mitchell, Gabiel Mercado, and Tatiana Sokolova.

To find out about other Acid Bath Productions’ films and merchandise check out: http://www.acidbathproductions.com/


With Cinnamon Black

Then it was off to New Orleans for some warm weather and b-rated adventures. When I arrived I realized I had come during Mardi Gras! There were literally a few parades everyday and parties in the streets. While in the big easy I spent some time checking out the local voodoo. My first stop was The Voodoo Museum, where Cinnamon Black told me, ” I had a lot of love” and remembered me from my last trip. The museum has some really great displays and sells some very helpful products. If you are in New Orleans you need to stop by the Voodoo Museum. I also visited Marie Laveau’s tomb at Saint Louis 1 Cemetery, and stopped by the Voodoo Temple. I guess I had magic on my mind.

I was lucky to meet an artist, writer, actor, and horror fan named David Storm from an art shop in the French Quarter. Through him I met Benjamin Wood, Omar Manuel Peinado, and our director Lancelot Jean Mallia. We shot a really fun scene for I Was a Teenage Alien Mutant Cyborg in the historic Lafayette Cemetery. This is the same cemetary they filmed Double Jeopardy and Interview with a Vampire. With Omar as my cameraman, we were ready to shoot some great moments for the film.


With David Storm

I Was a Teenage Alien Mutant Cyborg: it’s 1954. Mad Scientists. Hostile aliens, an escaped cyborg, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Directed by Kevin Bingham, and Lancelot Jean Mallia. The cast includes Drew Rin Varick of American Horror Story, Serena Salieri, Benjamin Wood, Johnny Rock, Scott Carroll, Ladson Deyne, Lex ‘Machete’ McMahon, Gideon Hodge, Mel Mack, Nicholas J. Wright, Asia Strong, and Ronnie Landfair Jr. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5299890/)

“Today we make a film and so we are all linked for so many tomorrows. The creative bonds in film are unique, occult, and lasting.” -Genoveva Rossi

iwatmcThank you my ghoulish horror friends and tune in next months for more tales from my life in horror! Blood and gore awaits!

Yours in screams,

Genoveva Rossi
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60 Seconds To Die – Horror Anthology ’60 second short films that will scare you for a lifetime’

60secondsposter60 Seconds To Die!!

To Scare You For A Lifetime

A film produced by Tony Newton

Associate Producers: Kerry Newton, Dan Brownlie, Emilie Flory & Richard Charles Stevens

With 60 seconds to Die they are breaking new ground mixing Horror, Art-house and online elements to a feature film all within 60 seconds!

The US Premiere of 60 Seconds to Die-the movie is April the 22nd at the LeglessCorpse Film Festival.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/rg/s/1/title/tt4942694/

Teaser trailer 2016 featuring directors from across the globe:

BEHIND 60 Seconds to Die

Tony Newton, producer, writer and director, known for Grindsploitation (2016), Virus of the Dead (2016) and
Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels (2016) brings with 60 Seconds to Die the first film of its kind: A feature film from 60 established and upcoming indie filmmakers from across the globe.

Tony Newton http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6935209/

Over 60 short horror films from established and upcoming indie filmmakers from across the globe!

60-2Featuring Directors
David Bryant, Bryan De Witt, James Eaves, Gary Baxter, Richard Chandler, Luke Ostrowski, Martin Sonntag, Luna Wolf, Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola, Caleb Emerson, Graham Fletcher-Cook, Chris Gierowski, Edward Payson, Jeremiah Kipp, Ascorvius, Peter Goddard, Tony Newton & Kerry Newton, L.M. Harter, Shawn Burkett, Emilie Flory, Paul Lynch, Adam Ginsberg, Killian H. Gore, Jason Impey, Dipesh Gurung, Shane Ryan, Mike Connors, Sune Rolf Jensen, James Balsamo, Billy Pon, Benjamin James, Matt Adams, Richard Charles Stevens, Nick Box, Luis Mariano Garcia, Pete Yagmin, Brian Weaver, Tom Gore, Brandon Scullion, Paul Michael McAlarney, Hunter Johnson, Paul Wennersberg-Lovholen, Justin Morales, Shawn C. Phillips, Danny Filaccio, Jason Kolucki, Kieran Johnston, Evan Makrogiannis, Mike McKown, Corey Norman, Kelly Hughes, Glenn Berggoetz, Carl Angelo Ruiz, R.J Wilson, Gav Chuckie Steel, Izzy Lee, Ruben Rodriguez, Sam Mason Bell, Laume Conroy, Liam Makrogiannis, Eric Alfonsi.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/60secondstodie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/60secondstodie60-3