Deathless Legacy – Rise From the Grave (2014) CD Review



Steva La Cinghiala – Vocals

Frater Orion – Drums

The Cyborg – Bass and Vocals

Pater Blaurot – Organs and Synth

El Calaver – Guitar

The Red Witch – Performances


Horror and Heavy metal have always walked hand in hand. Both are often maligned and shunned by the mainstream, both delve into the dark corners of the human psyche, and both celebrate the fantastical and the macabre. With all this in mind Italy’s Deathless Legacy set about trying to occupy the same demented space as the likes of Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and more recently The Murderdolls. Their debut album ‘Rise from the Grave’ is a raw, gothic, and gruesome affair that is happy to revel in some of horror’s more lurid corners and some of metal’s more theatrical ones. It is, at times, a bit simple minded and has a tendency to slip into gothic pantomime; but it has enough grotesque moments to be worth a listen.

It doesn’t hit the ground running and takes a couple of tracks to build up a bit of steam, and as such opener Will o’ The Wisp is a bit underwhelming. It’s not a bad song it just lacks the punch you would expect from an album opener. The same goes for Queen of Necrophilia which, despite its twisted subject matter, is not as colourful it sounds. However as we get to the rather eloquently titled Bow To The Porcelain Altar the band start to sound more comfortable. It’s a surprisingly catchy number that manages to stick in the head long after listening and is the first to suggest a more experimental creative edge.

deathlesslegacy2From here the album improves quite considerably and a more confident band begins to emerge. On the albums second half they take a few unusual turns with songs such as ‘Flamenco Del a Muerte’; a bizarre flamenco tinted song that shows the band are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Admittedly, they are only dipping their toes in the waters at this point, and it isn’t 100% successful, but it is enough to hint that the band are willing to take a few risks and that there could be some really interesting work from them in the future.

Production here is very raw and the bands more epic ideas get lost in the mix, but it sometimes suits their delivery as well. With a punkier edge reminiscent of The Damned and more recently popularised by The Murderdolls the straightforward production often works in the bands favour giving the guitar a rusty edge and allowing Steva La Cinghiala’s spitting, throaty vocals the grit they deserve. So whilst it doesn’t have the bigger, more elaborate bombast of some of its influences, it does have a certain ruff edginess that suits its murderous subject matter.

Ultimately Rise from the Grave is the sound of a band taking their first steps out onto the stage, and from that perspective there is much to enjoy. It lacks enough personality to stand out in what is a very crowded market, but there is enough to suggest there will be bolder and more exciting things to come. So whilst it never enters the realms of its idols, it does loiter a little outside the doors.


Deathless+Legacy++3Band: Deathless Legacy
Album: Rise From The Grave
Release Date: 03 January 2014
Label: Danse Macabre Records (DE)
Distributor: AL!VE  (DE)
Genre: Horror Metal


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Inverticrux – Virgin Reaper – Music Review

inverti1Inverticrux – Virgin Reaper

A ghost, a pirate, a cartoon vampire and King Diamond walk into a bar… and start a band called Inverticrux.

Now, this is how I imagine this band started: Someone knew someone that booked a metal band and decided to throw together an opening band. Their friends find this band hilarious.  No one else gets the joke and finds it obnoxious.  The band finds THAT hilarious and decides to stay together.
All I knew about this band prior to listening is that they are a New Hampshire horror metal band (possibly the only one).  I don’t like to do research on anyone before I give them a listen for review.  I like to decide what I think for myself instead of looking for someone else’s thoughts.  Having said this, I don’t know the above paragraph is accurate but this has to be a joke… I really hope this is a joke.  If this is a serious band, it’s one of the worst metal bands I’ve ever heard.  If it’s done in good fun, I can give them some credit for that.
In order to review this album, I had to stream it on YouTube.  Negative points for that, alone.  I can’t tell you the name of the tracks or if intros are their own tracks or just the beginning of a song.  What I can tell you is this sounds like shit.
I’m not sure if it sounds so bad because it’s being streamed on YouTube, if it’s just a shitty recording or if it’s supposed to sound bad.  Nothing sounds leveled right and the high end (especially cymbals) sounds like a really bad digital conversion occurred here.  I could see it being on purpose.  At times, it’s reminiscent of the old black metal recordings but it doesn’t work for me either way.
inverti2  Everything I said in the opening sentence describes this album, vocally.  All of the vocals are goofy but the King Diamond style vocals come out of nowhere throughout the album.  I won’t lie, it got a few laughs out of me.

The whole package here sounds so terrible, most people would never even notice that the band actually plays pretty well (minus the drummer’s inability to keep a steady blast beat) and some of the decipherable riffs are kind of cool.  The interlude before the last song is an example of that.  I wish more of this album sounded like that did.
I also got a good chuckle out of the poorly played harmonica on the second song.  This whole album is so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh at times.  Unfortunately, most of this album was just beyond my level of absurdity.
I hate being the guy that reviews something with pretty much nothing good to say about it but that’s the case here.  I think there are plenty of people who would find this to their liking so don’t disregard Inverticrux based on this review.  I have a feeling if I knew these guys, I’d find it a lot funnier, myself.  That’s just the way bands like this are.  They are hilarious to friends but most people outside that circle just aren’t going to get the humor behind it.  If you’re into ridiculously over the top goofy metal, this might be for you.

4 out of 10
unless they’re being totally serious… if that’s the case…
2 out of 10

Chris Cavoretto