Jessica Cameron announces new project ‘An Ending’ to begin shooting

An Ending PosterScream Queen Jessica Cameron has just announced that her latest project, An Ending, which she will produce and co-direct with screenwriter Josh Chiara, begins shooting at the end of April.

Jessica Cameron will also star in An Ending as Florence, a woman who wakes up in a nightmare world after being rushed to a hospital for unknown reasons.

An Ending also stars Heather Dorff as Collette, a woman who has been in the nightmare world much longer than Florence, and Ali Ferda as Molly, a woman coming to terms with crushing guilt.

As the three women are stalked through the corridors of the nightmare world by something lurking in the shadows, they are split apart, and each finds herself on her own personal journey.

Heather Dorff stars in An Ending

Heather Dorff

Josh Chiara previously worked with Jessica Cameron as DP on her film Mania, which just won its tenth film festival award. Heather Dorff acted in Jessica Cameron’s début feature Truth or Dare, and the two star alongside each other on Scream Queen Stream, a weekly variety show that airs online. Ali Ferda stars alongside Jessica Cameron in Desolation, which was shot as part of the Kill the PA road trip and is currently in post production.
Poster art by Maxwell Jacques Leclerc.

Please follow the film’s social media pages for more information.

Truth or Dare (2013) Review


tod1TRUTH OR DARE (USA 2013)

Dir – Jessica Cameron

Starring- Jessica Cameron, Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff, Shelby Stehlin, Devanny Pinn

The internet has led a revolution in bringing the unseen, graphic and disturbing to our screens, whether it be through the grim Two Girls One Cup video, or the most recent and graphic video for the band Cattle Decapitations’ song Forced Gender Reassignment (note- If you Google any of these then I am not responsible for what you may see), it’s a form of technology that allows us to access material that would never see the light of day on DVD. It’s ironic that in the 30th anniversary of the video recording acts that full uncut versions of films that spawned that act, the so called video nasties, are up on YouTube. It’s relevant then that TRUTH OR DARE looks at excess, shock and the difference between what is real and unreal in the internet world, along with a slight swipe at those seeking internet fame, though admittedly it brings this about in a less than subtle fashion.

A group of friends, who are running an online video group called the ‘Truth or Daredevils’, publish their video which purports to show a real shooting. Once the video has gone viral and scored many hits, they become famous, and whilst milking this fame on a talk show they reveal that the person who was shot, wasn’t actually killed at all and he makes an appearance as well, to reveal he was in on it. They are confronted on the same talk show, by their biggest fan who isn’t happy that the film was faked, but his rant is cut short when he is chucked out by security. The group decide to head to an out of bounds location to shoot there next stunt, but before they can go ahead with it, the same crazed fan from before turns up at the house, armed and wanting to make his own truth or dare video, proudly announcing that he is the new member of the group, but taking charge and forcing the group, at gunpoint to carry out a new game. Once it starts, with a few truths that reveal uncomfortable facts about certain members of the group, to then going into dares which become increasingly sadistic, leading the group to try and figure out a way around there un-welcome new member who is running the show to a more disturbing level.

tod2First of all TRUTH OR DARE is certainly extreme, it doesn’t relent the graphic acts it depicts and it does become a slight ordeal to watch, especially in the final part of the film, where the dares become more aggressive and painful to view. Even I, found one scene involving a bottle, quite hard to stomach and felt very queasy during it, and in the Grimm screening there were a few walkouts. Though I can respect Cameron for doing this as the violent dares which are carried out play into the madman’s ideology of creating something real. The character of the crazed fan (brilliantly played by Ryan Kiser) is a product of twisted ideology, and the need to see something online that isn’t a fake. There’s a great scene where Kiser’s character starts to get very angry at the YouTube user comments, saying that what they’re seeing is a fake, as they are shattering his psychotic need for realism, and even in this scene there’s a sly dig at people on the internet looking for something graphic to be real, and not differentiating between reality and fiction, even though the truth or daredevil group are being tortured online, and the YouTube hits are increasing, the internet users are still none the wiser.

At the heart of the film though is a nice commentary on the pointlessness and selfish rise of internet fame for doing nothing of merit, where the truth or daredevils become famous for faking a shooting, or doing something stupid, they bask in the brief rise of fame which they receive. You can go on YouTube and see any short daredevil clip where people are doing something daring to eventually achieve a mass rise in hits to their video. Even on the E4 channel there is a compilation programme called RUDETUBE, which lists these pranks or stunts in popularity. Admittedly the acting at first is a bit ropey and some of the characters in the daredevils group come off as slightly annoying, and during some of the ‘truths’ certain confessions come out that make you wonder whether it’s worth rooting for them or wait to see what happens to them. Yet by the end you end up rooting for some of them, as they are slowly torn apart by their online show and there psychotic new member.

tod3Admittedly I went into TRUTH OR DARE knowing it was going to be gruesome, but left not expecting it to be as graphic as it turned out to be. Speaking to other people about the film, some liked it, some didn’t, it was a divisive film in the long run, and that can be a good thing, it at least gets people talking. I know some would have found the upfront brutality and dodgy acting too much to take. I feel that, yes it is excessive, but there are reasons behind the bloodshed, and in the end the film comes off as an extreme balls out commentary on fame, online obsession and online real life violence versus fictional violence. Cameron, along with the Soska twins again are showing the horror genre that female directors are certainly just as equal as there male counterparts, and it’s to her credit that she has managed to make a film, that I found graphic and unsettling, yet also intelligent and smart.


The Tour (2014) Short Film Review

thetour1The Tour (2014) Review

Dir. Alex Mathieson and Damon Rickard

15 mins

Starring: Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff , Tom Gordon, Damon Rickard

Darkmoor Manor is England’s most haunted house, its doors closed to the public. It is now just part of a tour which helps attracts visitors to a struggling town. That is until the tour guide, trying to impress two attractive American visitors promises to get them inside. But none of them could be prepared for what was waiting within the shadows of the house.

‘The Tour’ is a fantastic short horror film that made it’s début back in August at Film4 Frightfest, London. This 15 minute gem of a film is written and directed by Alex Mathieson and Damon Rickard and stars Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff and Tom Gordon (in his horror debut).

The film begins with two female American tourists, Morgan (Cameron) and Cassie (Dorff) taking a tour of Europe and finding themselves being part of a tour viewing the outside of Darkmoor Manor in England. The Tour guide Tom (Gordon) hooks up with the girls and the three of them go for a drink. Then Tom takes Morgan and Cassie for a private tour inside the haunted house which will have you glued to the screen until the end. This short gives you more twists and turns than a roller coaster and is one bloody good horror flick. The acting is superb and I love how Cameron plays the sensible one and Dorff is the outspoken one trying to get off with Tom. All three main actors are outstanding in their parts, each one displaying great chemistry which is a joy to watch on screen. I was also impressed with Damon Rickard’s acting and hope we see more of him in front of the camera in the future. The film is the perfect length that gives you a few scares along the way with excellent cinematography. ‘

Version_6_MASTER_Pregrade.000001.dpx.Still028 (1)-p192mkenu313hbc5o19arebhi7cThe Tour’ is almost pure perfection in every area, the only downside was the CGI blood, it just looked too fake but the other effects are superbly done!

Alex Mathieson and Damon Rickard have achieved one hell of a film and I can’t wait to see more of their work in the future. ‘The Tour’ is now taking ‘a tour’ at a number of film festivals and if you get a chance to see it, make sure you do because you won’t be disappointed.

‘The Tour’ takes you on a terrifying journey which will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end!


Twitter – @thetourmovie

The Tour – A Short Film starring Jessica Cameron !

tourSoon we will be having (courtesy of Dean Sills) with Damon Rickard. So then why not do a small article on the short film that is currently in the funding process which will be directed by Damon (and Alex Mathieson).

So I introduce The Tour .


Short Summary


The Tour is going to be a 10-15 minute horror film made by horror fans for horror fans but don’t worry, it will also appeal to those who just like a good scare.

This is the story of Darkmoor Manor, a house with a history so steeped in death it has gained the reputation of the most haunted house in England.

Closed to the public and now part of a local tour, the tour guide offers to give two American backpackers a  personal viewing, a side of England not available in a guide book. Desperate to get closer to the dark secrets buried with its victims, they accept, but do not expect the full horrors that await them inside Darkmoor Manor. Sometimes secrets are best left buried.

A mix of genres, The Tour will make you laugh, in the right places, as well as hold on tight to the edge of your seat.

The Tour will star two wonderful actresses

jessicacameronJessica Cameron (IMDB) – Margie

Jessica is currently touring with her directorial debut Truth or Dare which has been winning a variety of awards across the horror festivals including those for Best Actress, Best Director and Best Film.

She can also be seen in Silent Night, Intrusive Behaviour, A Grim Becoming, The Black Dahlia Haunting and To Jennifer among many others. She also had a recurring role on the hit comedy in the States, Brides of Beverly Hills.


heatherdorffHeather Dorff (IMDB) – Cassie

This will not be the first time Heather and Jessica have worked together with them having most recently working on Truth or Dare.  Heather can also be seen in Urban Legends, Dark Realm and Yellow, among many others.

The Tour will be shooting in the UK and currently have a great Indiegogo page , where you can donate and they currently have some amazing perks where you can appear as an extra or even as a corpse !!

So please check out the Indiegogo page and help if you can , just a share of this article or of the funding page will be a HUGE help , as this is a small indie short film.


And here is a little info from the directors!!