Grimmfest 1st-4th October 2015 Full Line-Up Here


Grimmfest is Manchester’s premier genre film festival and here we have their FULL 2015 line-up. Some absolute crackers over the 4 days along with special guests, Q&As, classics and much more. It will be (as always) a total blast. SO get a ticket either for the full festival or for individual screenings and ‘See you at the bar’.

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Thursday October 1st

HALLOW-THUMBNAILTHE HALLOW – Gala opening night film 7pm

Introduced by the director Corin Hardy and lead actor Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones, Ripper Street, Sense8).

Tree surgeon Adam Hitchens, his wife Claire and infant son Finn think they have found their dream home – a picturesque millhouse in the Irish countryside. But the dream rapidly becomes a nightmare, as the forest-dwelling creatures of local legend prove all-too-terrifyingly real…

“You’re not from around here, are you?” Ringing some wild new changes on those ever-reliable horror tropes the cabin in the woods and the hapless city folks who come a cropper in the countryside, this savvy splicing of freaky folklore, rural weirdness, and full-on, ferocious mayhem is the latest film to shake up Sundance, and secured Corin Hardy the director’s chair on the upcoming CROW reboot.


A celebration of northern talent with a selection of short film premieres and special guests discussing the pros and cons of making films ‘Up north’!

Movies include THE BOX, SNATCHERS, DRIVEN and PROCESS. Guest speakers include: Dominic Brunt, Shaune Harrison, Simeon Halligan, Joanne Mitchell, Drew Lovett Scott Feast and Stephanie Bryant.


Director: Brian James O’Connell. Cast: Fran Kranz, Emma Fitzpatrick, Joey Kern, Jacquelyn Palmquist, Pedro Pascal. USA 2015. 86 mins.

The aggressively go-getting new manager of an office call centre has a fairly extreme solution to increasing productivity.

A truly biting satire from the acclaimed comedy team Dr God, this droll and deadly depiction of the horrors of the nine-to-five grind in an airless, anonymous, fluorescently-lighted call centre plays like a Kevin Smith take on THE OFFICE with added vampires and a whole lot more blood and dismemberment.

Screening with EL GIGANTE (14 mins)

Friday 2nd October


Directors: Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschall. Cast: …

German 2014. 1H 52 Mins

Tales of love, sex and death in Berlin from Germany’s most shocking directors.
Angst is a German word originally, which may account for this portmanteau of three very different short films from very different directors, linked by their sheer, well… Germanness. Jorg Buttgereit, infamous boundary-pushing director of NEKROMANTIK and DER TODESKING offers a stark and ambiguous exploration of a real-life ritualistic, sexualised murder which may or may not be an act of revenge; Michal Kosakowski weighs in with a brutal meditation on victims and aggressors and the horrible legacy of Nazism; and finally Andreas Marschall presents a truly outrageous psychedelic, psychosexual reworking of the decadent Alraune legend which fans of Andrej Zulawski’s infamous cult arthouse horror POSSESSION will not want to miss.


Director: Wes Craven. Cast: Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, David Arquette. USA 1996 111 mins.

Attempting to cope with her mother’s murder, Sydney and her horror movie-obsessed friends are stalked by a murderer who seems to have a hard time letting the past go.

In celebration of the work of horror maestro Wes Craven. A percentage of the ticket sales will be donated to a cancer charity.


Director: Levan Bakhia. Cast: Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke, Kote Tolordava, Dean Geyer, Nana Kiknadze. Georgia 2015. 100 mins.

Daniel, Alicia and Chris are on a hiking holiday in the mountains of the formerly war-torn republic of Georgia. Daniel has just proposed to Alicia and has asked Chris to be his best man. They stop to take a photograph, but as they get into position, Chris hears a sudden click underfoot. He is standing on a live landmine…

Starting from its “Americans in peril in Eastern Europe” scenario, this dark morality tale sets up a series of familiar genre tropes, only to expose and undermine them, offering instead a harrowing, heartbreaking and deeply disturbing meditation on the poisonous and destructive nature of revenge, and in particular the ways in which men almost invariably take it out on the women around them.


Director: Jason Krawczyk Cast: Henry Rollins, Booboo Stewart, Jordan Todosey. US 2015. 99 mins.

Jack, an isolated loner and social outcast, is thrust out of his comfort zone when the outside world bangs on his door and he can’t contain his violent past.

If Charles Bukowski had written a biblical vigilante vampire version of DEATH WISH, it might have played a little like this. Boasting a droll, deadpan star turn from former Black Flag frontman, acclaimed author, raconteur and all-round Punk Legend Henry Rollins, this laconic fusion of brooding noir, hardboiled theological parable, grim black comedy and bloody revenge thriller will keep you guessing to the very end.


The director, writer, producer and members of the cast will introduce and do a post screening Q&A.

Director: David Keating. Cast: Anna Walton, Naomi Battrick, Sam Hazeldine, Patrick Gibson, Minnie Phipps. Ireland 2015. 90 mins.

Faith’s world is falling apart, following the discovery of her father’s terminal illness. Looking for a substitute maternal figure, she finds herself drawn to her field hockey coach, Sissy Young, who seems to offer comfort and reassurance. But Sissy is head of an ancient coven of witches, with a very specific interest in the troubled young woman, and soon Faith finds herself agreeing to a terrifying bargain…

Returning to some of the rural themes and magic rituals of their previous film together, the critically acclaimed WAKE WOOD, which helped relaunch the Hammer horror brand, director David Keating and writer Brendan McCarthy, present a grim fairytale of birth, death, dark forces and deadly secrets that will put you off cherries for life.

Plus Q&A with members of the cast and crew


Directors: François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell. Cast: Munro Chambers, Laurence Leboeuf, Michael Ironside, Edwin Wright, Aaron Jeffery. Canada/New Zealand 2015. 95 mins.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, comic-book obsessed teenage scavenger, The Kid, finds that we do need another hero after all, when the girl of his dreams is kidnapped by the evil tyrant Zeus who has begun to tighten his grip over the region’s water supply. Arming himself with an ancient turbo weapon and assuming the role of his favourite comic book character, he hops on his BMX bike and rides to the rescue…

The movie that an entire generation of 80s kids dreamed into being, this artful yet heartfelt mash-up of MAD MAX, BMX BANDITS, and POWER RANGERS, is filled to bursting with 70s and 80s pop culture references and cinematic in-jokes. Surprisingly sweet-natured in its blend of teen romance and heroic wish fulfilment fantasy, yet boasting a suitably grimy and dystopian retro-future, and a good deal of wildly over-the-top, cartoonishly gory and outrageous ultraviolence, this is a nostalgic treat for those old enough to remember, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for all.


Director: David Yarovesky Cast: Gabriel Basso, Kathryn Prescott, Jacob Zachar, Stephen Blackehart. US 2014. 93 mins.

A young man suffering from amnesia must dig deep into the far reaches of his mind to remember who he is and save the love of his life before a virus that has infected him takes over.

Combining visceral body horror and an inventive and disturbing new “scientific” take on the “possessed” zombies of Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD, with an exploration of fallible memory and slipping identity that calls to mind Christopher Nolan’s MEMENTO, and a powerful and emotional exploration of the extent someone will go to save the person they love, this ambitious and challenging film is both mindbending, stomach-churning, and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Saturday 3rd October


Director: Patrick Kennelly. Cast: Bethany Orr,

US 2015. 103 mins

Jill is a slightly plain girl with low self-esteem and serious body image issues. She is obsessed with her room-mate, Jennifer, a bitchy model, who is everything she wants to be. Finally the obsession boils over into violence…

Featuring a powerhouse performance from the remarkable Bethany Orr, this visceral, harrowing, deeply uncomfortable film offers an unblinking look at the ugly and unrealistic expectations placed on women, both in terms of behaviour and appearance. Not so much Body Horror, as Body Image Horror, filled with surreal and queasy imagery, it will make you question the wisdom of dieting, even as it puts you right off your food – for life!

SHORT FILM SHOWCASE – Various short film premières 2PM


Steve Paynter, one of the subjects within the film will introduce the screening.

Director: Rodney Ascher. Cast: Yatoya Toy, Siegfried Peters, Steven Yvette, Age Wilson. USA 2015. 82 mins.

Imagine if you were trapped in your worst nightmare, and you couldn’t escape…

Rodney Ascher has an unsettling gift for getting under the skin of his subjects, and exploring the darker reaches of the human psyche. His previous film, ROOM 237 was a mischievous and darkly funny exploration of the cult of Stanley Kubrick various bizarre conspiracy theories that have grown up around his classic film of THE SHINING. Now he tackles the terrors of sleep paralysis, a condition in which the dreamer is locked within his or her own nightmare world and is unable to wake up. Mixing bone-chilling real-life anecdotes with terrifying reconstructions, this is documentary making at its most unsettling and confrontational, and is guaranteed to cause more than a few sleepless nights. Because there are worst things in your subconscious than Freddy Kreuger.

HOWL-THUMBNAILHOWL- Northern première 6PM

Director: Paul Hyett. Cast: Ed Speleers, Shauna Macdonald, Rosie Day, Sean Pertwee, Duncan Preston, Holly Weston. UK 2015. 95 mins.

A red-eye train out of London hits something on the tracks, and the various passengers and crew find themselves trapped on an immobilised train in the middle of a forest full of feral humanoid creatures.

Nothing to do with Allen Ginsberg, the latest film from SFX guru and director of the acclaimed THE SEASONING HOUSE, Paul Hyett, is essentially WEREWOLVES ON A TRAIN. An engagingly old-fashioned monster movie, in which disparate characters, thrown together by circumstance, must learn to work together to survive, this is a taut, tense, tightly scripted exploration of claustrophobia, escalating hysteria, and the unspeakable horrors of the British railway system. And that’s before the monsters arrive.


Director: Jacob Gentry Cast: Chad McKight, AJ Bowen, Michael Ironside

Canada 2015. 101 mins

A group of scientists invent a machine that can create a wormhole and fold time. It creates a paradox…

A challengingly cerebral cyberpunk noir from the producers of last year’s Grimmfest Sci-Fi mind-bender, THE RECONSTRUCTION OF WILLIAM ZERO and the director and writer of THE SIGNAL, this combines the visual iciness of classic Cronenberg with the slippery temporal paradoxes and confusions of identity and reality that characterise the work of Philip K. Dick, and offers a vision of a future city at night to rival that of ALPHAVILLE or BLADERUNNER.


Director: Jason Lei Howden. Cast: Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman, Sam Berkley, Daniel Cresswell. New Zealand 2015. 90 mins.

Screening with SHUTTERBUG MAN (4 mins 30 secs)

A bunch of metal heads get hold of the sheet music for The Black Hymn, which will create hell on earth. They play it – with predictably unfortunate consequences…

Remember the 1980s, when horror and heavy metal almost became synonymous for a while? Ever feel nostalgic for that time? Then this one’s for you. The latest offering from the producers of last year’s Grimmfest hit HOUSEBOUND, DEATHGASM throws every 80s horror, teen movie and metal cliché into a huge blender, and mixes up a heady cocktail of bloody violence, Black Sabbath and even blacker humour, with characters you care about, outrageous old school practical gore effects, lots of very rude jokes and some terrible guitar solos. It headbanging good fun.


After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, a grieving couple move to a quiet town in rural New England to start a new life. But their new house is home to a family of vengeful spirits, and the seemingly peaceful town has a dark and deadly secret…

Consciously retro in style and manner, with its oppressive score, old-school jump-shocks, and gory Italian-style practical SFX, and featuring a cast of genre icons headed by Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden, this tense and bloody ghost story plays like a love letter to the classic shockers of the late, great Lucio Fulci, and in particular to THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and THE BEYOND. It’s very knowing, of course, but played utterly straight, and all the better for it. And it’s nice to see a horror film where all of the leads are middle-aged adults for a change. Fulci would, we feel, have approved.

Sunday 4th October


Director: Bruce McDonald. Cast: Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick, Rachel Wilson, Rossif Sutherland, Luke Bilyk.

Canada 2015. 82 mins.

Halloween. Surly Goth teen Dora discovers that she is pregnant. Home alone, wondering what her next step is, she is assailed by demonic trick or treaters…

Cult Canadian director Bruce MacDonald made his first ferocious foray into horror a few years back with the smart and unsettling PONTYPOOL, a masterclass in claustrophobia and escalating tension, set largely within a single location. He makes his return to the genre with something very different; a hallucinogenic Halloween shocker, filled with striking imagery, and following an oneiric logic all its own, with dreams within dreams and one waking nightmare after another. Eerie, unpredictable, and cine-literate without being too in-jokey, this is an exploration of the October Country that Ray Bradbury would be proud of.

Screens with short THE SUN HAS DIED 18 Mins 45 secs


Director: Cody Calahan Cast: Michelle Mylett, Stepehn Bogert, Josette Halpert, Samuel Faraci, Kassandra Santos. Canada 2015. 90 mins.

Years after having her newborn child stolen from her, a bereft Sam searches a world infested with infected users from the Social Redroom website. Befriending a young girl named Bean, she finds herself lured into a trap, captured and locked in a facility dedicated to finding a cure. As she struggles to escape, she begins to realise that her capture intentions are not quite as they seem. And all the while the virus prepares to update itself…

The original ANTISOCIAL was kind of a VIDEODROME for the social networking generation; a very Cronenbergian idea about a computer virus that becomes a literal virus, causing genetic mutation. This sequel, expanding on the themes of the first film, and offering a chilling glimpse of what a world dominated by the virus is like, is closer in tone to SCANNERS, a gritty actioner with a darkly philosophical undertow. A word of warning, though: having turned off your smartphones for the screening, you may very well feel reluctant to turn them back on again afterwards.

HELLRAISER-THUMBNAILHELLRAISER – Restored version presented by Arrow 4PM

Brand new 2K restoration from Arrow films.

Director: Clive Barker Cast: Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Nicholas Vince, Simon Bamford, Andrew Robinson UK 1987

We present a special screening of Clive Barker’s classic followed by a Q and A with some very special guests.


Stephen King was once quoted as saying: “I have seen the future of horror… his name is Clive Barker.” That future became reality when, in 1987, Barker unleashed his directorial début Hellraiser – launching a hit franchise and creating an instant horror icon in the formidable figure of Pinhead.

XmashorrorthumbA CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY – Northern première 6PM

Directors: Grant Harvey Steven Hoban Brett Sullivan

Cast: William Shatner,George Buza, Percy Hynes, Rob Archer Jeff Clarke, Zoé De Grand Maison, Amy Forsyth, Debra McCabe Michelle Nolden, Joe Silvaggio, Noah Staggs

USA 2015. 99 mins.

‘A selection of interwoven stories that take place on Christmas Eve, as told by one festive radio host featuring tales of: a family who brings home more than a Christmas tree, a student documentary that becomes a living nightmare, a Christmas spirit that terrorizes and Santa slaying evil.’

Bringing together some of the cream of contemporary horror cinema, this festive twist on an old-school EC-comics-style anthology offers a selection of yuletide twisted tales of terror! Santa’s big bloodsoaked sack, filled to the brim bursting with gruesome presents. Something, in short for everyone. Happy early Christmas!

DXM-THUMBNAILDXM – World première. Closing Night film. 8PM

Director: Andrew Goth Cast: Sam Neil, Tom Payne, Antonia Cambell-Hughes, Melia Kreiling. Austria 2015. 97 mins.

A group of young bio-engineers discover that quantum theory can be used to transfer motor-skills from one brain to another. They freely spread this technology, believing it to be a first step towards a new intellectual equality. But as the mysterious past of one of their group is revealed, dark forces emerge that threaten to subvert their discovery into a means of mass-control.

Chronicling a sub-atomic struggle for the subconscious, the latest film from Andrew Goth, maverick director of the hallucinogenic vampire Spaghetti Western GALLOWWALKERS, was one of the big talking points of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. A wild and wonderful fusion of religion, quantum physics, cyberpunk psychedelia, and martial arts; exploding with mindboggling ideas and stunning imagery, with fantastic production design and startling locations, it is unlike anything else you will see this year. Strap yourselves in; it’s a wild ride.

First GRIMMFEST 2015 Films Announced & More Tickets Released!

he-never-diedFirst GRIMMFEST 2015 films announced!

Grimmfest are very happy to announce the first three titles for GRIMMFEST 2015 and what a great sneak peek they’ve got in store for you! Three very different UK Premieres that have been making waves on the at festivals around the world such as Sundance, SXSW and Fantasia International Fantastic Film Festival! First up is the new feature SYNCRONICITY from Jacob Gentry (The Signal) which is described as “a mind-bending ‘Sci-fi Noir’ in the tradition of Dark City, Blade Runner, and Alphaville”. Second is the new shocking body horror from writer and director Patrick Kennelly EXCESS FLESH starring Bethany Orr & Mary Loveless. Finally they have HE NEVER DIED, the new brutal vampire horror film starring punk legend Henry Rollins, Stephen Ogg (Grand Theft Auto 5) and Booboo Stewart (X-Men: Days of Future Past).

EXCESS_FLESH_27X40_v7_final_In addition to this tease to the amazing Grimmfest 2015 line up they have also released a second limited batch of Full Festival Passes after the first release sold out in record time. These Passes will gain you access to every screening at their brand new amazing venue of the Odeon in Manchester Printworks. These screenings include at least 20 feature film premières and a plethora of the best new genre shorts from around the globe. We are building an amazing programme of the very best new horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy films that will include World, European and UK premières. It’s going be so awesome.

Grimmfest 2015 will run 1st-4th October at Odeon Printworks, Manchester.
For more info and tickets click HERE

Grimmfest 2015 – FULL Festival Passes On Sale NOW!!


And so it begins…

We are incredibly excited to announce that Grimmfest 2015 full festival passes are now on sale.

This years festival will take place at Odeon Printworks, Manchester UK, Thur 1st – Sun 4th Oct.

Full Festival Passes will gain you access to every screening. This includes 20 feature film premières and a plethora of the best new genre shorts from around the globe. Grimmfest are building an amazing programme of the very best new horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy films that will include World, European and UK premières. It’s going be awesome.

This years Grimmfest will be bigger and better than ever before. Films will be presented on an enormous screen with state of the art projection facilities and incredibly comfy seating.

The first batch of full festival passes will reserve you a ‘Premiere’ seat – the best in the house for over 40 hours of genre film madness! There are only 70 Premiere seats available, so snap yours up now, before they all go!

Your pass will also allow access to celebrity guest Q&A’s, exclusive signings (there may be extra charges for guest signatures), the market place (browse the stalls for goodies), exhibitions, a gaming arcade and loads more around the building.

Full festival passes are £65.00. That’s less than £3.30 per feature film, incredible value for money!

Single performance tickets will be priced from £7.00 (no booking fee) and will be on sale with Day Passes (Prices TBC) once the line up is announced on 2nd September.

Festival Structure:

Thursday Opening Gala – 7.00pm until 12.00 Midnight

Friday – 12.00 Midday-12.00 Midnight

Saturday -12.00 Midday-12.00 Midnight

Sunday – 12.00 Midday-12.00 Midnight

Line up announcements coming soon so stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Grimmfest announce 2015 date and new venue

Grimmfest-logo-896x1024Grimm Up North are excited to announce the 2015 festival dates & brand new venue for their annual International Festival of Fantastic Film – GRIMMFEST. The 7th edition of the UK festival, dedicated to screening the best in Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy cinema, will take place 1st -4th of October at Manchester’s Odeon Printworks.

In previous years the festival held screenings in multiple venues around Manchester, but this year Grimmfest are pleased to announce a partnership with Odeon at their northern flagship cinema set within an entertainment complex The Printworks. The impressive cinema plays host to the largest IMAX outside of London, 20 state of the art digital screens.

Working in partnership with Odeon, Grimmfest 2015 will present the most exciting new titles in genre cinema from around the world with exclusive celebrity appearances, add that to the list of exciting content announcements yet to come, 2015 will be the very best edition of the festival.

Festival Director Simeon Halligan is even more excited than usual to unleash Grimmfest this year, “Printworks will make a fantastic home for the festival; we are super excited to be working with the Printworks team who are as determined as we are to put on an amazing show”.

Building on the success of Grimmfest 2014 is important to Halligan “last year’s premières & preview screenings were sell outs, particularly exciting were the screenings of SERENITY, THE BABADOOK & 30th anniversary screening of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, but this year working with Odeon Printworks we want to not only deliver sell out shows, but grow the audience and introduce even more people to GRIMMFEST”


In previous years Grimmfest has largely focused on premièring new Horror films with a side serving of other genres, a strategy that has seen it become one of the most popular genre film festivals in the UK. This year’s GRIMMFEST will deliver an even greater diversity, keeping its Horror Core, but bringing to audiences a great number of ‘GENRE GEMS’.

Halligan “We will always spotlight new horror genre material but we wish to embrace the full spectrum of fantastic films with a view to becoming the festival for fantastic film in the UK. Manchester is the UK’s second city and deserves a top class international film festival. Today’s announcement of our new Odeon Printworks home, takes us a couple of steps closer to that goal”.

Steve Gleave General Manchester of the Odeon Printworks is equally excited about their collaboration, “It’s great that we can host GRIMMFEST here at ODEON Manchester. This is the perfect festival of film for fans of brand new and classic horror, cult, fantasy and Sci-fi movies from around the world. It’s fantastic that we can host festivals such as this for dedicated film fans in Manchester!” Adam Jackson, Conference & Events Coordinator of ODEON Manchester says “Having worked with the GRIMMFEST team for some time already I am very excited to help deliver the most anticipated Manchester film festival for horror & sci-fi fans alike!”



For more info on Grimmfest and the regular screenings Grimm Up North show in Manchester then please visit their website –