From Inside (2008) DVD Review

frominside1From Inside (2008)

Writer & Director – John Bergin

Producer – Brian McNelis

Starring – Megan Gold as CEE.

Soundtrack – Gary Numan & Ade Fenton

UK DVD Release – 2nd March 2015 from Wienerworld


OK time to fess up. I don’t really ‘do’ animation, or should I say I don’t really watch a lot of or enjoy animated features. Now there are exceptions such as some anime like say Akira and I do adore most of Studio Ghibli’s releases including my all time favourite animated film Spirited Away, but as a whole it is not something that I choose to watch, read or really have any real background or knowledge in.

So when I was approached to review From Inside I did agree but however it was my intention to pass it on to someone much more informed in these matters than I. But due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to do so , and so I took a deep breath and ventured into a world mostly unknown to myself the world of From Inside.

frominside2From Inside is 70 minute feature based on the graphic novel from John Bergin. The story revolves around CEE who is a young pregnant woman riding on a train through a bleak post-apocalyptic world, and her tale tells of the her own and the passengers struggles as they search for a new home.

From Inside is unlike anything I have seen before , it is not really animation but more the graphic novel brought to life on screen. You see the panels from the novel on screen and some of the parts are moving or animated yet most is just still life , this adds to a unique feeling of almost 3D at times . This is much more the book being brought to life rather than an animated version of the book if you get my drift? But then author John Bergin did also direct the film so that is why the continuity is perfect and the visuals are eye-crushingly amazing.

The story is very dark yet it is lit up with the fantastic use of colours as the rivers run blood red and the dark powerful oranges of the flames make you almost feel the intensity of the heat. And the scene in the slaughterhouse is a truly disturbing scene of absolute beauty.

frominside3And that I think is my view on From Inside. It is a bleak, dismal and almost soul destroying world yet it is so very beautiful. I just couldn’t take my eyes from the screen and the soundtrack from Gary Numan and Ade Fenton is haunting ,fits perfectly and immerses you deeper into the story on-screen. And on a further note I watched this whilst wearing a pretty decent set of headphones and by god you get the full impact, as later I tried it just through (an average) the TV alone and the experience was nowhere near as powerful .

From Inside is narrated throughout from the main character Cee and all you here is her voice alone, and this again draws you into her world, her feeling of isolation and her predicament of bringing a new baby into such a chaotic world. Now I know I haven’t really ‘reviewed’ From Inside, but that is because I really don’t want to spoil anything for people , all I can say is watch it. Imagine a very dark version of When The Wind Blows and you are getting close.

frominside4After watching From Inside I pondered why it resonates so much with me ? From Inside is not my typical fare, it would never have been my choice if found in a store. But I still am not sure why? There is definitely something very primordial and deeply primitive that tapped deep into my soul , and is still tapping away now days later. And just to think that I would have missed this were it not for fate bring us together.

As a horror fan over decades I often feel that I have “seen it all” and that films can no longer move me like they once did, but From Inside has come along and stomped all over that. A beautiful, haunting and visually stunning feature that is less a film and more an experience, and WHAT an experience.

Although released in 2008 , From Inside has been recently picked up and released (2nd March) from the great Wienerworld UK. The link to Amazon UK is below and it is currently available on DVD for the amazing price of just £6.75 .

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