An Interview with Emory Slone by Dean Sills

es1An Interview with Emory Slone by Dean Sills

Last month Emory Slone and Malevolent Magazine interviewed me about my acting and did a wonderful 4 page feature in their April issue. Now it’s my turn to get Emory in the chair to fire a number of questions at him about his magazine and love of horror.

UKHS – Welcome Emory and thank you for your time. You are the owner and editor of Malevolent Magazine. Can you please tell us a little about yourself and Malevolent Magazine?

ES – Thanks so much Dean. It’s an honour to be a part of UK Horror Scene. I’m from the small town of Catlettsburg, Kentucky here in the US. I spent many years working as a custom picture framer, but was always a die-hard Horror fan. Indie Horror has been on the rise in recent years, especially with today’s technology where social media and crowdfunding can get these projects made and seen, when 10-15 years ago it was impossible. I noticed that there were no publications that were devoted to the Indie Horror film scene. That spawned the birth of Malevolent Magazine. I wanted to focus on all the talented filmmakers, actors and Scream Queens in the indie scene. Fortunately, Malevolent was welcomed with open arms by the Indie Horror community and will remain focused on getting the amazing people involved with it as much exposure as possible.

es2UKHS – You also write and do great interviews for your magazine. Who have you enjoyed interviewing the most and what’s been your favourite review so far?

ES – I’ve had so many wonderful people be a part of Malevolent, but the very first two issues hold a special place with me. In the première issue, SPFX legend Tom Sullivan (Evil Dead) and actors Bill Oberst Jr and Robert LaSardo were kind enough to take a chance on this new publication and deliver some of the most epic interviews ever. Then, for issue #2 indie Scream Queen Melantha Blackthorne did the first ever exclusive Malevolent Magazine photo shoot for the cover and went out of her way to create one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve read, even incorporating a little fiction playing off the theme of the shoot. (She really didn’t gouge her eyeball out. lol.)

As far as reviews go, filmmaker Johnny Daggers sent me the first 9 minutes of the upcoming documentary about the independent Horror filmmaking scene, Blood On The Reel. This is one Indie Horror fans need to be on the look out for. It features tons of Indie Horror filmmakers, actors and actresses telling tales of the hardships of independent filmmaking and their experiences in the field. Johnny was nice enough to have me film some footage for the film as well, so I’m very excited for the release later this year.

es3UKHS – In terms of your writing style, who would you say is your greatest writing influence?

ES – My greatest writing influence would have to be H.P. Lovecraft. I always loved his approach where less is more. To leave readers to their own imagination to conjure whatever their darkest fear is within themselves. That’s how I approach the interviews for Malevolent. I leave the questions open so the one being interviewed can tell us about a project from their point of view. Of course, I hope this doesn’t conjure fear in them. Haha !

UKHS – What’s your favourite horror movie?

ES – Without a doubt the original Evil Dead is my favourite horror movie. For what was such a small budget independent Horror film, it has grown into one of the most well known franchises in the scene. Bruce Campbell’s portrayal of Ash created such a likeable character that so many people can relate to because he was not perfect…a hero with the same flaws as the rest of us. Plus, for the time that it was made it had some groundbreaking practical SPFX that may be over the top by today’s standards, but still withstands the tests of time.

es4UKHS – If you could have dinner with three guests (living or dead), who would you choose and why?

ES – Oh man! lol. It’s a unique combination, but I think my three guests would have to be Bruce Campbell, Hulk Hogan and Katharine Isabelle. Bruce, because he is the ‘King of Indie Horror’ and my favourite actor. Hulk, because he’s been a hero of mine since I was a kid and it would be interesting to see how he and Bruce interacted with each other. Katharine, because she is my favourite actress/Scream Queen.

UKHS – Finally, where do you see yourself and Malevolent Magazine in 5 years from now?

ES – 5 years from now I see Malevolent Magazine on bookshelves in stores with worldwide distribution. The Indie Horror scene is growing stronger everyday and soon indie will be mainstream. I also want a strong web based presence, so an interactive website will be established by then with a community page. I am launching a side project as well called Malevolent Magazine X-treme.

MMX will feature Horror photography, art, tattoos and alternative models, where Malevolent Magazine focuses on Indie Horror films. So, that is the 5 year goal…if all goes well we move on to evolving into hosting the Malevolent Horror Film Festival after that. Plus, I will get more involved in actual filmmaking myself. Fingers crossed 🙂 Thanks again Dean for having me and I look forward to your upcoming projects and the UK Horror Scene as well.

es5UKHS – Thank you Emory, it was a pleasure. Keep up the great work and good luck with Malevolent Magazine X-treme and your other projects in the future!