Killer Kart (2012) Short Film Review

killerkartKiller Kart (2012)

Written & directed by James Feeney

Starring Christine Alicia Rodriguez, Ray Bouchard, Elly Schaefer and some seriously killer shopping carts

“Shopping karts can’t kill people!”
…or can they?
“They might not always strike, but they always want to.”

I’ll admit, the first couple minutes of Killer Kart had me wondering what the hell I was doing watching this. But, hey, it’s only about 15 minutes long, so what am I really out if it doesn’t get any better? That’s the beauty of short films. To my delight, it got better. It got so much better. This movie is so ridiculous, it’s unbelievably awesome. And pretty hilarious, at that.

When I was given this short to review, Andy (the man who makes all of this UKHS stuff possible) told me he thought I’d like it. The acting is so bad and the banter just feels so awkward in the first couple minutes that my expectations instantly fizzled out. However, about four minutes in, the screaming starts and things start to gel.

killerkart1The premise, as you’ll probably get from the title, is centered around a grocery store where the shopping karts are coming to life to kill. When the main character, Cass, asks our unlikely custodian hero, Hale, about just what it the hell is going on, he tells her that he’d heard some stories and had “been around long enough to be damn sure I’d seen some shit” but he doesn’t think he’s ever really believed it until now.

He explains, “they devote their lives to shoppers and what do they get in return? Abused. Mistreated. Hit by cars because people can’t walk the ten feet to put them back in their proper place. They’re stolen by homeless, raced by drunk teens.” And that “every once in awhile, one just snaps.”

Christine Alicia Rodriguez (Cass) ends up pulling together a decent performance after the awkwardness of the first couple minutes. Let’s face it, though, Ray Bouchard (Hale) really steals the show here. He comes up somewhere between Bill Moseley and Meatloaf. I think it’s his look and tone. He’s the only one who really delivers a solid performance throughout and his character is the right blend of smart ass and hero.

killerkart2While this is a goofy movie, to say the least, it has a lot that was done well. There were some great camera angles used in Killer Kart. Getting the view from the karts’ perspective was a nice touch. Doing what they could and not doing what they couldn’t was a brilliant idea that many other filmmakers could learn from. Good practical effects used and some all around fun kills taking place help keep you in the mood. The killer karts have sort of a mouth with teeth to chomp on their victims. That really helps bring the killer kart idea to life.

The score is actually really good, too. Some really intense music going with the action helps drive the movie forward and gives it a bigger feel, overall. I could see myself adding it to my regular rotation if it found it’s way to some sort of a release.

Should Killer Kart be made into a feature length? Hell no. Is it awesome just the way it is? Hell yes! When all is said and done with this film, you’re left to ponder; while everyone’s concerned with a zombie apocalypse, who’s taking precautions to get ready for the inevitable shopping kart apocalypse? This short film depicts the first strike… the first moments… the beginning… of the end.

killerkart3People not returning shopping karts to where they belong is a huge pet peeve of mine so this film speaks volumes to me. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t return your kart. Let’s face it, you’re just too goddamned lazy! Watch this short and take it all in. Heed it’s warnings. It may just save your life.

8 out of 10

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