Victoria Broom Interview by Dean Sills

vbheadshotVictoria Broom Interview by Dean Sills

Hello Victoria and welcome to UKHS. Before we begin I would just like to thank you for taking time out of your busy filming schedule to speak to UKHS, thanks!



Q1) You started out at the age of 3, singing in talent shows across the West Midlands and North Wales but how did you get into acting?

First of all, hello all at UKHS. I have always been a little performer, from a very early age my love was Country and Western music and I wanted to be the next Patsy Cline, but I discovered what acting was when I watched the movie ‘Hocus Pocus’, from that point on I knew I wanted to be on screen. I studied drama at school and joined a stage school. After that I was offered a scholarship at the Carlton Television Workshops in Birmingham and learnt the art of film acting from a very early age. I’ve never looked back since.



Q2) Which actor or actress inspires you the most?

I have always loved and continue to love Maggie Smith, she is a legend, a true British icon and one of the greatest stage and screen actors we have. I am a Daniel Day Lewis fan, I love the way he completely absorbs into his role, he becomes the character, he never takes on similar roles and his films are always meaningful and brilliant, he is the true meaning of the art of acting. Hillary Swank is another actress I truly admire. Her work is brilliant and like Day-Lewis she submerges herself completely.



Q3) How many horror films have you acted in and what would you consider to be the three main ingredients you need to make the perfect horror film?

A lot! My first ever horror was called ‘Slasherhouse’, I played a psychotic killer, this gave me a craving for horror movies and blood. This was back in 2005. After that and to date I’ve done 15 horror features. My recent ones include ‘Stalled’ , ‘Deranged’ and of course ‘Blaze of Gory’.

Three main ingredients, the actors are the most important part of a horror I feel. You need strong actors to carry the story and to create believable suspense, the lighting is a massively important factor, its dark but you need to be able to see what’s going on and a really good different script, I read so many scripts that are just dreadful, its the same story over and over again, create something different, something brilliant and something scary!



vbforestdamnedQ4) You have starred in many horror films including Deranged with Craig Fairbrass. What is the attraction of the horror genre and do you find them challenging?

I love horror movies, I think horror is one of the most challenging genres for an actor, your emotions are pushed to the limit, your nerves are on edge and you really have to stretch yourself emotionally and physically. I love it. I love running from a terrifying serial killer or a crazy flesh eating zombie. I love the adrenaline. I am a huge Korean horror fan, I think being in a Korean horror film would push me to the limits and I would love that!



Q5) The Photographer Paul Teverinni said this about you “She has such a dynamic face, you could fall in love and be terrified at the same time,” I do agree with him but what I love most about you is your trademark Auburn hair. I feel you should be doing adverts for L’Oréal. Do you feel you are the perfect package as an actress with your good looks, sex appeal and superb talent?

Ha! Now that’s a massive compliment. Thank you. Yes, I like my flaming locks too ha ha ha! I think to be successful in film/TV you need to have aspects of all you said but most importantly to me its about just being human. I meet so many people in this industry that are robotic and allow their work to shadow themselves. Its about getting the right balance of charm, talent and good looks. Just be yourself.



Q6) You recently worked on ‘Blaze of Gory’ did you enjoy working with ex-Coronation Street Star,Martin Hancock in your segment, ‘Monster’?

Working with Martin Hancock was great, he’s a brilliant actor and a charmer. Its nice to play opposite someone with such experience and he was a very generous actor, he gave you what you want and needed in the scene.



vbcloseQ7)Which character have you enjoyed playing the most on screen or stage and how long does it take you to get into character during a production?

I’ve played some incredible roles both on screen and on stage. I find joy in every role I play, as they are all different. I loved playing Silvia in ‘Deranged’, she was an emotional rollercoaster and the director Neil Jones understood my technique and allowed me to just be Silvia throughout the whole filming process, which was hilarious for the rest of the cast and crew. I recently played the lead in a new Sci-Fi film called ‘The Divorce’ the role and experience was brilliant, it was all CGI so we had no set, it was just a massive white studio. The other actor and I had plenty of rehearsals and preparation of where everything was meant to be. I loved it, we had nothing to act with and it was all very precise with movements. I can’t wait to see the final version with all the CGI. With regards to getting into character, I always do a lot of prep before every shoot, I understand my character inside and out. If its a particularly emotional scene I need to be alone for about half an hour to work up to the real tears that stream down my face. I do like to stay in character throughout the filming process.



Q8) At the age of 17 you held a black belt and National Champion status in Kung Fu, well done! Do you still practice martial arts and would you love to star in an action-packed fighting movie?

I still occasionally practice martial arts, not as often as I should. I do a fair bit of fighting in films now and again. I have been involved in an online superhero series which requires my fighting skills. I’m actually doing a new British superhero movie in November called ‘Powergirls’ where I play one of the leading roles of ‘Rush’, my superpower is that I am super fast, so be sure to watch out for some super fast fighting!



Q9) If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

Ohhhh that’s a tricky question. Probably my iPad so I can watch my massive collection of horror movies and read all my books in my Kindle App. A hair brush, a must with my thick hair! And a bikini, its a desert island after all!



vbderangedQ10) Finally, You have expanded beyond acting into producing and so on. Where do you see yourself in five years from now and is your future just in acting or would you love to direct your own movie one day?

I’ve produced a few London Plays and have helped produce films. I prefer acting though and acting is where my heart lies. I think I would direct a play first, I’ve actually been thinking about directing a horror play in London for a few years now. So, watch this space!

Be sure to keep an eye out for my latest horror film, ‘Shadows’ a new supernatural horror filming in September, let the spooking begin.



It’s been a true pleasure talking to you Victoria, thanks again for your time and keep up the good work.


Pictures courtesy: Victoria Broom, ‘Deranged’ and ‘Forest of the Damned 2′

Deranged (2012) DVD Review


Dir. Neil Jones         82 mins
4 Digital Media
UK Release: 3rd June 2013

Welsh director Neil Jones follows up ‘The Reverend’ with this horror movie filmed in Spain. The story concerns four young ladies who are on their way to a bachelorette party at a remote country house owned by Anthony (Craig Fairbrass). We have Mary (Natalia Celino), who on the journey there is being teased about her ‘virgin Mary’ nickname by Silvia (Victoria Broom) who’s gloating about her recently acquired induction into the mile-high club. Finishing off the foursome is local girl Gabriella (Marcia Do Vales) and quiet one of the group, Anna (Tabitha Quitman).

After a two hour drive from the airport, the four girls reach the huge iron gates of their destination. The ‘mansion’ has an imposing look about it as well as being a little less luxurious than they expected. Before they go inside for their first look around, they pause to convey the good old cliché “there’s no mobile phone signal here”, and enter to assess where they’ll be staying for the weekend.

Later that day dinner is served and they toast to “an unforgettable night”, at which point Gabriella decides to go out to feed Anthony’s dog that lives in the grounds of the property. A short while later she staggers back inside in pain and very distressed as it appears the dog has bitten her. Gabriella seems to think the dog turned on her because it felt threatened by the presence of someone else in the grounds

Soon after, a policeman arrives – who turns out to be a stripper that had been pre-booked. The tension lifts, but its short-lived as midway through his performance Gabriella begins howling in pain and convulsing. Fortunately though, this is a knowledgeable stripper who’s a dab hand at CPR and he attempts to resuscitate her. Panic fills the house and with Gabriella seemingly lying dead on the floor, grudges come to the fore and old wounds are reopened between the friends. What really caused Gabriella’s predicament though? Was there really someone else outside that caused the dog to react in that manner?

I like indie British horror a great deal, so much so I’ve got a section devoted to it in my video store. With ‘Deranged’ though, I have to admit I struggled to like it. None of the girls are particularly likeable which made the characters a little distant. The performance from Marcia Do Vales as Gabriella admittedly yielded the odd snigger, as during moments of heightened tension she tended to sound like a Latino cookie monster.


I found myself rolling my eyes a few times at some of the dialogue – “but he was my first ever fuck!”, and even the big reveal seemed to elicit an audible groan. With films under his belt like ‘Risen’ and ‘The Reverend’, the director shows some solid promise, but with ‘Deranged’ it’s an unfortunate misfire.

3 out of 10