New Sci-Fi film Starship Rising – trailer and poster.

StarshipRisingPosterMORPHIUS FILMS releases its first official poster and trailer for its
Sci-Fi feature film titled STARSHIP: RISING.


WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Neil Johnson (Alien Armageddon)

STARRING: Claudia Wells (Back to the Future), Brooke Lewis (iMurders), E.J.
De La Pena (Jingle All The Way), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Darren Jacobs
(Hollyoaks TV series) and Music Sensation Emii.

SYNOPSIS: A corrupt planetary federation…

The ultimate weapon of destruction.

One starship captain stands between them….and intergalactic armageddon.

The film is about what happens when a Starship armed to the teeth with
missiles gets taken over by a revolutionary.

Neil Johnson describes it as “Game Of Thrones in space.”