Short Sharp Shock #17 Red Balloon (2010)

Short Sharp Shock banner no boltWelcome to UK Horror Scene’s Short Sharp Shock. This is where we will feature a short film each week for your viewing pleasure. Short films are the foundation of Horror, it is where many of the established directors cut their teeth . The amount of quality short films out there is incredible and it is our pleasure to choose you a new one each week that we think will blow you away. So every Friday we will give you ‘Something for the Weekend’ and issue your weekly Short,Sharp,Shock! Enjoy!

Red Balloon (2010)

Directors – Damien Macé, Alexis Wajsbrot

Starring – Gareth Bennett-Ryan, Rachel Bright, Chantal Eder

Runtime – 13 Minutes

A young female babysitter is chatting to her friend when the young girl she’s watching disturbs her….