New Sci-Fi film Starship Rising – trailer and poster.

StarshipRisingPosterMORPHIUS FILMS releases its first official poster and trailer for its
Sci-Fi feature film titled STARSHIP: RISING.


WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Neil Johnson (Alien Armageddon)

STARRING: Claudia Wells (Back to the Future), Brooke Lewis (iMurders), E.J.
De La Pena (Jingle All The Way), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Darren Jacobs
(Hollyoaks TV series) and Music Sensation Emii.

SYNOPSIS: A corrupt planetary federation…

The ultimate weapon of destruction.

One starship captain stands between them….and intergalactic armageddon.

The film is about what happens when a Starship armed to the teeth with
missiles gets taken over by a revolutionary.

Neil Johnson describes it as “Game Of Thrones in space.”

An Interview With Brooke Lewis by Dean Sills

bl1An Interview With Brooke Lewis by Dean Sills

UKHS – Hi Brooke, welcome to UK Horror Scene. Thank you for giving us your time especially when you are busy filming. You are a stunning actress, beautiful Scream Queen, talented writer and producer. How did you get into acting and can you tell us a little about your production company ‘Philly Chick Pictures’?

BL – I was singing and dancing from a young age, which led me into musical theatre in Philadelphia, which led me into comedy in New York. I got my first “break” in the New York Off-Broadway Comedy “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding”, then went on to do TV sitcoms like “Quintuplets” and “Mafiosa”, then acted in mobster dramas like “Pride & Loyalty” and “Sinatra Club”, then broke out in the horror genre with films like “Kinky Killers”, “iMurders” and “Slime City Massacre” earning the title of a ‘Scream Queen’, then combined my experience in comedy, mobster movies and horror and created the role and brand, which I am best known…Ms. Vampy!!!

In 2002, I created Philly Chick Pictures to “produce entertainment with an attitude”. I was always the actress with a ton of energy and a business brain, who would call in a favor to attach talent, crew, locations or think fast enough to do damage control on a set. After doing this work for other people’s companies or projects and not being credited or compensated properly, I finally realized that I had been “producing” all along! I learned that I have a creative soul and a business mind, so I started Philly Chick Pictures to further my acting and producing career, make films with an edge and find and develop strong roles for women.

UKHS – You have appeared in many different genres, including the mystery thriller ‘iMurders’, the mobster movie ‘Sinatra Club’ and loads of Horror. What is the hardest role that you have had to play and do you go to extreme lengths to prep for your parts and stay in character?

BL – I’ve been lucky to have had quite a few roles that were tough in different ways, but I would say Maura in Roger Scheck’s “Sprinkles” really challenged me as an actress, tapping into some deep emotional stuff. Maura had been raped in college and had a tremendous ‘back story’ that affects the present with layers of psychological darkness.

Sprinkles Trailer:


In Neil Johnson’s Sci-fi films “Starship: Rising” and “Starship: The Coming Darkness”, I have to say playing Staris was a new and exciting challenge, because I really had to learn the tone and technical workings of a real spaceship film or series. It was spaceylicious! I always work with my acting coaches before a film or TV role, watch shows that have similar characters with actors I admire and I am big on rehearsals when time and directors allow. I am super serious and committed to the work, while filming…but, I will definitely be partying and doing tequila shots at the wrap party!!!

bl4UKHS – I love your performance as the sexy, lovable Vampiress from Brooklyn, Ms. Vampy. I thinks it’s really cool you cover issues like Sex On The First Date and Who Pays On The First Date. I believe a Man should pay all the time and not just on the first date. How did you come up with the idea for Ms. Vampy and do you find yourself giving advice out to teens as Brooke Lewis and not just as Ms.Vampy?

BL – (Well, Dean, since you are a true gentleman who pays, maybe we should go on a date!!! 😉 LOL)

I looked at the body of my biggest acting work and what I loved to play and from comedy, horror and mobster genres, Ms. Vampy was born! She was inspired by some of my favorite famous characters: Betty Boop, Mona from “My Cousin Vinny” and Elvira! I, too, am very excited about the latest web series we launched “Ms. Vampy’s Love Bites”. Here’s the vampylicious scoop:

“Ms. Vampy is America’s funniest, sexiest, sassiest and most high maintenance Brooklyn vampire! Her personality is as big as her hair and is often described as Betty Boop meets Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. She loves pleather and fur and wouldn’t be caught “dead” without high heels! But, there’s much more to this loveable Vampiress. While she looks young and vibrant, Ms. Vampy is one of the oldest gals on earth. At 110-years-old, she was born in Transylvania. She was a shy and innocent child, but after a few too many shots of Lauder’s Scotch Whisky on her 18th birthday, she jumped on the bike of a tattooed mate and sealed her fate! Moments after being bitten, she grew wildly thick hair, fangs, plump lips and bodacious tatas. As she puts it, “I went from being a brainy bookworm to a blood-loving, vampire sexpot in just minutes.”

In the 1920s, Ms. Vampy’s travels took her to New York and she fell in love with Brooklyn. It was there where she developed her attitude, sarcastic sense of humor, and ridiculous accent. She spent most of her time in the big apple filming movies and seeing Broadway shows, but she has a secret many don’t know…Ms. Vampy went crazy for Philadelphia Eagles football and soon became an assistant coach, but was fired after one month for not showing up to any day games. She moved back to New York for a short time, but a torrid love affair with a very jealous and young Wall Street vampire went bad, so she headed west to seek out new friends and victims. These days, Ms. Vampy lives in her Hollywood Villa and is a Life Coach and Dating Expert to the rich and famous. She is often
seen on night shoots, shopping in Beverly Hills for Dior or hanging out at Lakers’ games with her celebrity friends.

bl2She loves 80s rock and disco, her favorite band is Vampire Weekend and she never misses American Idol, The Voice or Millionaire Matchmaker on TV. Her secret dream is to join the cast of HBO’s True Blood (of course, she thinks it’s a “reality” show)! She enjoys Godiva Chocolates and Bloody Marys and she loves to play Xbox when she’s feeling feisty. While she has yet to marry or have children, she freely admits to being boy crazy and hopes to someday make-out with Robert Pattinson. Now, who better to give the world LOVE & DATING advice than a 110 year old Vampire who has seen it all and has a HEART of gold? Check out her new show MS. VAMPY’S LOVE BITES
Starring: Brooke Lewis as Ms. Vampy; Produced by: Matt Raub and Brooke Lewis; Directed by: Staci Layne Wilson; Director of Photography: Matt Raub.

Ms. Vampy is forever sexy, funny, young, and obnoxious, but her heart is as big as her mouth. If she ever bites you, it’ll be with love. – Editor, Vampity Fair”

Watch Ms. Vampy’s Love Bites:

And, as far as ‘Brooke Lewis’ goes, I am always inspired to help teens and do a lot of charity work to support teens with issues such as self-esteem, body image, bullying and a lot of people do not know that I am also a Board Certified Life Coach and coach and speak to a lot of teens.

Watch Be You…And Be Fearless!:

UKHS –  I would be honoured to take you out on a date but not as Ms. Vampy. It maybe love at first bite but Ms.Vampy would be a nightmare to take out to dinner, avoiding food like garlic and Steak (stake) haha!

Congratulations Brooke on being a Board Certified Life Coach and the work you do. This is a remarkable achievement, I have so much respect for people who always help other people out. Well done!
Ok, what would you consider to be the three main ingredients that you need to make a classic horror flick?

BL – SEX, GORE & HOT CHICKS!!! Hahahahaha!!! KIDDING!!! To me, I don’t care what genre we are talking about, it all starts with the script, good actors and good direction! I happen to be a huge Hitchcock fan, so I favor the old school thrillers, mystery and suspense…films that make me think! BUT,  some of my fave horror films in the world are “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Friday the 13th” and “Prom Night” (the originals). They just seemed to hit the mark with enough gore, chills and an interesting story.

bl3UKHS – Ok last question, Brooke. Are there any projects you’re working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

BL – Well, here is the detailed scoop on a thriller, horror and two Sci-fi films I have releasing in 2014:

THE MOURNING (Thriller; Directed by Marc Clebanoff who directed me in BREAK & GERALD):

SYNOPSIS: Aaron returns to his small Middle America hometown, inexplicably not having aged a day since his mysterious disappearance in Desert Storm 20 years prior. Unable to speak initially, Aaron must come to terms with the losses and evolution of his loved ones in his absence. Concurrently, Aaron’s loved ones must come to terms with the reappearance of the boy who they grieved over and let go years prior.
As Aaron begins to assimilate himself into the lives of his family, his best friend and his long lost lover, it’s slowly revealed that Aaron’s homecoming is not permanent. A conspiracy theorist and a mysterious angelic figure both stalking Aaron build toward a finale in which Aaron must tie up loose ends before disappearing again forever.

LISA ASS FACE: Lisa was the “unattractive” girl in high school who used to like Aaron and the lead guys. They never gave her the time of day, but when Aaron returns from his mysterious disappearance and reunites with his high school friends, he sees a “sexy” girl at the local hangout bar and his friends tell him she is Lisa “Ass Face” from high school. Aaron can’t believe it and realizes how much things REALLY have changed, since his mysterious disappearance. Lisa gets drawn into the Sci-fi drama that ensues with Aaron and his friends and finds herself with more than a hookup!”

STARRING: Dominique Swain (Lolita), Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Peter Dobson (Frighteners), Larry Hankin (Home Alone), Michael Walton (Gerald) and Brooke Lewis (iMurders).

(Horror/Mystery; Directed by Thomas Churchill):

SYNOPSIS: It is the year 1957 in Hollywood, CA. A telegram arrives at the office of George Lazarus, an insurance investigator with the assignment to look into a suspicious claim that was just put in by Harvest International Tobacco Company. Lazarus begins to schedule routine interviews with the twelve employees that are named on this claim. He learns that they all had just gotten fired for being sick at the job. He never makes it back to the office. What seemed to be a normal fraud investigation case may have turned out to be the beginning of the end for the human race. His fiance Bethany begins to worry as she realizes that he hasn’t been back at the office since early that morning and he hasn’t checked in either. Not the behavior from a man who lives by daily routine. She decides to follow his path in hopes to locate him. Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to witness in this eerily horrific pre-apocalyptic tale.

MS. DANIELS: The no-nonsense Betty Page-esque Ms. Daniels is an Executive over at Topaz Insurance company. The company who sends investigator George Lazarus down a mysterious road into the mouth of darkness.

STARRING: Natalie Victoria (DeadHeads); Ray Capuana (Emerging Past); Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night, 976-EVIL); Brooke Lewis (Sinatra Club, iMurders); Josh Hammond (Jeepers Creepers 2, The Tripper); Brian Andrews (Halloween, Three O’Clock High); Thomas J. Churchill (Mr. Hush, Emerging Past, Monster Man); Janet Tracy Keijser (House On Haunted Hill); Krista Grotte (Emerging Past) and Taylor Morgan Lewis (Women of Wrestling).

bl5STARSHIP: RISING (Sci-fi; Directed by Neil Johnson who directed me in ALIEN DAWN) and part II is STARSHIP: THE COMING DARKNESS:

SYNOPSIS: A corrupt planetary federation… The ultimate weapon of destruction. One starship captain stands between them….and intergalactic armageddon. The film is about what happens when a Starship armed to the teeth with missiles gets taken over by a revolutionary. Neil Johnson describes it as “Game Of Thrones in space.”

STARIS: Staris is the pilot of the greatest space vessel in the Federation…. Starship One. When the vessel is mutineered, Staris is torn between her love for a man, and her duty towards the Federation. Staris wants nothing more than to be Captain of her own Starship, and will do anything to achieve this.

STARRING: Claudia Wells (Back to the Future), Brooke Lewis (iMurders), E.J. De La Pena (Jingle All The Way), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Darren Jacobs (Hollyoaks TV series), Rajia Baroudi (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and Musical Star Emii (“Zombie Boyfriend”).

And, I am very grateful that I have several exciting projects lined up to act in this year, including Robbie Bryan’s “Black Hat” and “The Eyes”, Roger Scheck’s “The Closing” and Thomas Churchill’s “Beautiful Nightmare” and “Lazarus II: Rise Of The Dead”.

UKHS – Congratulations Brooke on all those amazing projects. Good luck with each one. Thank you for your time, it’s been a real joy interviewing you and I hope we can chat again in the near future. Keep up the great work.

BL -Wanna send the UK readers and fans LOVE and they can always find out what’s up with me at:

Images courtesy : Brooke Lewis, Genna Sandler photography, The Mourning, Starship and Ms. Vampy.