Black Water (2007) DVD Review

blackwaterBlack Water (2007)

Directed by David Nerlich & Andrew Traucki

Starring Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody and Andy Rodoreda

UK DVD release – May 18th 2015 from Fabulous Films

Deciding to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life, Grace (Glenn) her younger sister Lee (Dermody) and husband Adam (Rodoreda) decide to head into the mangrove swamps of the Northern Territories in Australia. Deciding on a whim to go fishing, they take an uncharted boat out into the swamps to go fishing, but what they catch may not be a good thing.

Being a fan of ‘ monsters of the deep’ film genre, especially a similar film called ‘Rogue’ from the same year, I was looking forward to Black Water. These films rise and fall on a few factors, specifically characters and the actual monster itself. As example I would give you something like Spielberg’s Jaws which is well written and has a monster that only turns up for the last half hour but is felt throughout the film. This is where Black Water excels, yes the film is slow, and you don’t get to see the titular crocodile for large stretches of the film, but the crocodile is always felt. Whether it be a splash or ripple in the mangrove, there were times my wife actually looked away as the film got just a little bit too tense for her. The film is well written so when the crocodile is off screen you can still engage with the characters as their predicament goes from bad to worse.

blackwater1The cast, which is all of four people, are well cast and are all believable. They play well off each other and you are keenly listening to every word to find out what will happen next. The direction from Nerlich and Trauki is well thought out and bring a good sense of location as the film was filmed in a real mangrove swamp.

One of the extras on this DVD is a standard making of where they show how they integrated the animal into the film. The reason I bring this is up is because for a low budget such as this the effect is seamless and surprised me when the croc was there and wasn’t.

I was nicely surprised by this film and cant recommend it enough. Search this scaley beast out!


Fabulous Films to Release Black Water (2007) on UK DVD – May 18th

black waterFabulous Films to Release Black Water (2007) on UK DVD – May 18th

“Genuinely scary” The Times
“A perfect example of its genre” Mail on Sunday
“Vote UKIP and keep crocodiles out of Britain” Daily Express

This Australian made horror film does for crocodiles what Jaws did for sharks.
It has won a raft of award in its native country – though didn’t do much for tourism in the Northern Territories.

The True Story:

In 2003 Ashley McGough, Brett Mann and Shaun Blowers went to a spot near the Kangaroo Flats to race their quad bikes The three friends were swept away by rising flood tides. One vanished under the water, only to resurface in the mouth of a huge crocodile, before disappearing for good. The remaining pair managed to climb into a tree in the middle of the river, only for the crocodile to reappear underneath it to wait for them. Google it. Its quite a story. Or watch this movie…

Synopsis: Grace, her boyfriend Adam and younger sister Lee decide to take a fishing river tour whilst holidaying in Northern Australia. As they drift into a mangrove swamp their boat is suddenly capsized and Jim, their guide, disappears under water. Realising they’ve been attacked by a crocodile, the three holiday makers must work out what to do to survive.

Cast: Diana Glenn (Home and Away), Ben Oxenbould (Home and Away), Andy Rodoreda (Home and Away), Maeve Dermody (still waiting on a call from Home and Away)

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