Bad Acid, the short, supernatural social satire, is set to be released on Amazon Video on June 6th, 2017.

rsz_baBad Acid, the short, supernatural social satire, is set to be released on Amazon Video on June 6th, 2017.

The film, written and directed by David Chaudoir, was acquired by Amazon after winning a competition through the Promax film festival.

The film has completed it’s festival run where it won best short film at the Popcorn Horror film festival in Glasgow and was screened at the London Short Film Festival and at festivals in Canada and America.

Praise for Bad Acid:

“Bad Acid is an expertly crafted, gleefully told supernatural cautionary tale, and comes highly recommended.” Battle Royal With Cheese

“a fine example of how to stimulate the senses through suggestion rather than brute force” The Slaughtered Bird

” a complete and fully realised short, a quintessentially British film” The Other Guy

“a great film caught somewhere between Tales from the Crypt and Phoenix Nights” Popcorn Horror

“Not only is it high on production value, but story wise it would be totally at home in one of the old anthology horror tv series like HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR” Horror News Network

more info:

UK Horror Scene Frightsight – Hanging With… David Chaudoir

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UKHS Hanging With…David Chaudoir

Welcome to a series of video interviews as UKHS writer Tony Sands and his crew hang with talented British folk from across the horror spectrum. They will be bringing a number of interviews across 2016 that will hopefully give you an insight into the UK indie horror scene and you will hear just what it takes to get a project to fruition.

David Chaudoir joins The Hanging With Crew to talk about his film ‘Bad Acid’ and it’s journey from script to screen.

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ANDY DEEN (associate producer)
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TONY SANDS (host/producer)
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Bad Acid (2015) Short Film Review

Bad Acid Poster correctBAD ACID (2015)

Starring Tiffany Haynes, Tristan Beint and Madeleine Bowyer

Written & Directed by David Chaudoir

“Marvin Maskelyn, a washed up TV hypnotist and magician desperate to recapture his fame acquires a magic lamp and some LSD. His vision of fame is not quite what he imagined”. Via David Chaudoir

Before the well-reviewed (on this site as well) Adonis and Aphrodite, writer and director David Chaudoir conjured up this tale of the macabre, an ingenious little chiller that evokes the spirit of Hammer and Amicus.

Coming across as a mixture of David Brent and the late Paul Daniels, Tristan Beint stars as washed up trickster Marvin. After reaching the height of fame in his profession and living the high life with A list celebrity friends, Marvin now tours labour clubs and drinking holes, being ridiculed by the drunks and growing greyer by the minute.

When he acquires a little magic lamp from his relic-collecting buddy, he sees an opportunity to get back to his old self. But along with the lamp is some LSD, and after eagerly ingesting it, he experiences a trip full of ghoulish images and bloody happenings. Is it just his own dark mind, or are there more to his visions?

bad acidChaudoir works wonders with a minimal budget, with a strong sense of place created with simple lighting and good ol’ northern dialogue. Beint works wonders with his character, fully embracing his egotistical side.

Although some of the FX can be a bit ropey, it all helps with the feel of an old school Hammer House of Horror episode. Indeed, with its just shy of 20 minute runtime and cautionary/morality tale climax, you could imaging the Crypt Keeper introducing this late on a Friday night.

Chaudoir is quickly making a name for himself. With his own style and sensibility, but in a pleasingly old-fashioned way. I look forward to what comes next.