Stormhouse (2011) Review


Stormhouse 2011

Dir. Dan Turner – 86 minutes

Starring – Grant Masters ,Patrick Flynn ,Katie Flynn ,Grahame Fox ,Munir Khairdin .

Distribution – Lionsgate


Hayley (Katie Flynn) is a psychic , and she has been flown from the USA to a remote UK military base. The reason for her visit is that the British Army have captured and held a supernatural entity and they need Hayley to communicate with it.


When Hayley arrives she is immediately confronted by the very unhelpful and overly aggressive British soldiers headed by Major Lester (Grant Masters).

The spirit has been caught and is now trapped in a large wire cage and is being held at bay by an electromagnetic field , and it seems that the army may have ulterior motives in what they want to use the entity for.


I think that is about as far of a synopsis as I can do , as the whole story is just ridiculous. From the child-like spirit that can make people in the vicinity sing Frere Jacques and says “play” to everyone to the fact that this is supposedly inspired by real events just 4 months before the invasion of Iraq.


The whole military facility is really badly lit and at times in darkness , the sound is poor , the CGI around the entity’s holding pen is bad. There is no character development , and I had no empathy or sympathy with any of the cast.


This is just a poor attempt at a haunted house film. It is a shame as the acting is actually very good and there is a good film in there somewhere. But it all falls flat with a poor story , bad effects and to be honest I just didn’t care what happened by the end. 4/10 .


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