Static (2012) DVD Review

Static_2DStatic (2012)

Dir. Todd Levin – 80 Minutes

UK DVD Release July 15th 2013

UK Distribution – Second Sight

Starring – Sarah Paxton, Sarah Shahi, Milo Ventimiglia, William Mapother.

Static is the story of Addie (Sarah Shahi – Bullet to the Head) and her husband Jonathan (Milo Ventimiglia – Heroes, The Divide) who have just suffered the death of their three year-old son and are struggling to come to terms with the loss. Jonathan is a successful writer and is just completing a new novel and Addie is easing the pain through medication and alcohol.

In the middle of one night they are awoken by banging on the front door of their rather vast house , upon opening the door they are greeted by a young woman who is terrified and insists on coming in.

The young woman is called Rachel (Sarah Paxton – Innkeepers) and tells the couple she lives down the road but her car broke down and she was then followed and chased by a group of men wearing masks.

static1Jonathan gets his gun and goes out to investigate leaving Rachel with Addie , and here Rachel questions Addie about the loss of her son , while all the time you are given little hints that Rachel may not be all she seems. Jonathan finds the broken down car and realises that the car has been forcibly stopped with a police type tyre stinger ( a strip of material with long nails in it ) . On returning he finds Addie a little freaked out by her conversation with Rachel and then Rachel gets Jonathan on his own where he starts to open up about the loss of his son and his relationship with his wife.

The couple agree to let Rachel stay the night, but later strange noises interrupt their night and men in masks seem to be in the grounds. The phones are down and no cell phone reception means that this could be a long and eventful night.

The pacing of Static is it’s main plus, it is a wonderful slow-burn that keeps adding tension and supernatural twists and then mixes it with genuine sorrow as the couple are really struggling to come to terms with losing the one thing they both loved the most.

The casting of the three main characters is spot on and Milo as Jonathan gives a fantastic performance.

static2The camera work is slow , methodical and beautiful and adds to the often slow and silent moments as the couple try to save their lives and their sanity.

Static is truly scary at times and all this without gallons of blood and gore . It is a genuinely spooky horror film that mixes elements from across the genre and adds some twists along the way.

The script at times was wooden and parts of the ending were a little bit too “Hollywood” , but without giving too much away it still shocked and surprised me and left me thinking about the film on into the next day , which is something that few films do.

I will watch Static again as there are clues and hints throughout and I want to know what I saw, thought I saw and what I missed.

With a running time of 80 minutes Static is a perfect length and I was glued to the screen throughout. I am sure due to the slow-burn and lack of blood that this will disappoint some of the hardened horror fans but I must highly recommend Static. A truly scary film that has suspense and tension throughout and as a directorial debut from Todd Levin this is a wonderful first film and he must be applauded for the almost gentle and soft directorial way the film is paced while being bloody scary as hell at times.

A few flaws but on the whole a great debut and a must see 8/10 !!

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