Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988) Review


sororitybabesSorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)

Dir. David DeCoteau – 80 minutes .

Well I had decided to watch some Christmas based horror films , but after watching Silent Night Deadly Night I decided to catch another film starring the lovely Linnea Quigley.

After much deliberation I decided on the 1988 feature Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama , which I have always known about but never got round to watching. So it was time to put that right.

It starts with 3 college guys just wasting time in their room . Bored and (of course for the 1980s) very horny they decide to go to the local female sorority house where at midnight the new pledges will be having their initiation ceremony . You never know they might even be able to get a look at the goings on inside!

The guys turn up just in time to see the two new pledges Lisa (Michelle Bauer) and Taffy (Brinke Stevens) at the mercy of the nasty and wannabe prison warden Babs (the late Robin Stille) who puts them through their paces in an initiation ceremony that involves them bending over a sofa whilst she paddles their fannies and then she sprays them in whipped cream (which of course they have to shower off).

Wanting a closer look our 3 nerdy oafs sneak inside the house where they are caught peeking at the pledges who are of course cleaning off the cream in the shower.

Babs decides that the final part of their initiation will be to break into the local mall and steal a trophy from the bowling alley , BUT they have to take the three guys along too.

Inside the mall they meet the bad mannered biker chick Spider (Linnea Quigley) and also by accident free a captive Imp who traps them inside the mall but also grants them each a wish.

This is great fun in a 1980s kitsch way , and it has some of the most lovely scream queens of the time . The tall , elegant Brinke Stevens , the sultry and curvaceous Michelle Bauer and of course the petite , lean and stunning Linnea Quigley.

sorority2And with this in mind you can forgive the crappy script and poor acting from the male cast as this is pure 80’s cheese . It is a fun 80 minutes , so sit back and remember a time when films like this were made just for the hell of it.

Also it is fun to remember that at the time of filming Bauer and Stevens were playing teenage pledges and were 33 and 36 years old respectively.

On a final note it is fantastic to see that Bauer , Quigley and Stevens have all been in over 100 films each and David DeCoteau has directed 100 features and all are still active. And DeCoteau’s next film Nightmare Sisters (1988) stars all three of the above in another epic cheesefest (which I must review soon).

A real fun-packed piece of nostalgia 7/10


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