Some Kind of Hate (2015) Review

skoh1Some Kind Of Hate (2015)

Running Time: 82 minutes

Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer

Cast: Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps, Sierra McCormick, Spencer Breslin, Lexi Atkins

Having had its UK Première at this year’s FrightFest, Some Kind of Hate, is an angry, loud film with a death count that continually grows. It will no doubt appeal to the older teen market, depicting a revenge killing spree against the bullies that so deserve it. It’s a film that knows what it wants to say, with little time for light heartedness.

The story centres on Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein), a high school student with an unpleasant home life, who is mercilessly bullied at school. Withdrawn and solitary, he finally snaps, turning on his tormentor and stabbing him in the face. The moment is nicely punctuated and comes as a surprise, crashing straight in to the credits and on with the story. Fast forward to Lincoln being sent to what seems to be some sort of reform camp, in the middle of nowhere.

skoh3The camp set-up is odd, as are the three adult leaders and the rest of the kids that stay there. It all seems a little too new age and totally unregulated; I can’t buy that problem kids would really be sent here. However, needs must, so for the purposes of the film, let’s move on. It’s classic horror territory, a bunch of kids, fraught with issues, in an isolated environment where it’s clear something unsavoury has happened before.

As Lincoln settles in (or doesn’t as the case may be) he is befriended by Isaac (Spencer Breslin, bigger brother of Abigail) and by ex-cheerleader Kaitlin (Grace Phipps), who herself seems to be dealing with a host of issues. It’s not long before history repeats itself and Lincoln is being bullied again, this time by Willie (Maestro Harrell) and his two sidekicks. Up to this point, the film successfully spins the generic teen angst story, but as Lincoln reaches breaking point, we meet Moira (Disney Alumni Sierra McCormick) and events turn more supernatural.

skoh4Moira, an angry, vengeful girl who has died sometime previously at the camp, is more real than a ghost or an apparition and is intent on helping Lincoln and causing as much pain as possible. She hurts and kills people by inflicting damage on herself; cue lots of slashing and pools of blood covering the floor. Out to obliterate the bullies, once one is killed, the rest (and more innocent victims) start falling like flies. These themes of bullying and self harming run throughout the film. It seems to me, being an American teen is a very angry, tormented experience.

We do get a nice, albeit quick moment of light relief when the local police officer arrives. He is a quirky character that seems to be the only one concerned and aware of how weird the events at the camp are. It’s a shame he doesn’t hang around longer.

Director and Writer Adam Egypt Mortimer has a background in music videos, shorts and promos, which is evident throughout Some Kind of Hate. With a booming, heavy soundtrack and some nicely shot moments, such as Moira parading across the bodies of her victims, there are flashes of style elevating things above the generic teen slasher clichés.

skoh2Some Kind of Hate is a well produced film, which at times dangles in to cheesy territory, but by not holding back on the revenge rampage, events build to and over the top ending which is fun. Not a film for jump out of your seat scares, it relies more on quick, sudden deaths, inflicted in the bloodiest way possible. Stick around also for an obligatory teasing mid end-credit scene. Moira might not be finished just yet.

5 out of 10

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