Slice and Dice – The Slasher Film Forever (2012) Review


slicedicedvdSlice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever – 2012

Dir. Calum Waddell  –  75 Minutes

High Rising Productions

Released UK – May 13th through 88 Films


I have a love for Slasher films. I was brought up on Slasher films, some of my earliest memories of films are renting videos in the early 1980′s before the whole Video Nasty episode. And the majority of the videos rented were low budget *Slashers* where I would be often drawn in by the amazing cover artwork or simply through schoolboy word of mouth. ” Have you seen The New York Ripper”? and off I would be that evening to the Video shop to try and find it and if not then there was always something else to pick up.

So when a documentary called Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever comes along , you know I will be front and centre especially when I find out my friends at Grimmfest were putting it on at a local theatre ( in a double bill with Scott Spiegel’s great Intruder).

So in essence Slice & Dice has Slasher directors, actors and legends talking about what makes a Slasher film. The Slasher is a film that has many tropes that must be observed , you must never go off alone. You must never try to track down where that creepy noise is coming from and please don’t drink, do drugs or have sex. If you attempt any of these things you will DIE!!


Sliceanddice_adam_green1-300x169Slice & Dice features some well known people like Tobe Hooper (TCM , Funhouse) , Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch , Lovely Molly) and Scott Spiegel (Hostel, Intruder,2001 Maniacs) but where it really comes into it’s own is with the *lesser known* interviewees . There is the great Fred Olen Ray who has directed over 120 genre films including Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers , or J S Cardone who wrote and directed the 1982 slasher The Slayer, teen actor Cory Feldman (well he did kill Jason) talks with great enthusiasm and star of the film (IMO) Felissa Rose (who starred as Angela in the seminal slasher Sleepaway Camp) who goes into great detail into the perpetrator’s perspective.

What comes across throughout the film is the total love of this much maligned and often scapegoated genre from everyone involved. Slice & Dice really captures the feel of the genre and the editing and pacing of the film leaves you entertained and enthralled throughout.

Slice and Dice is split into 6 sections “How to survive a slasher film”, “The genre’s greatest hits”, “The final girl”, “Making a memorable movie maniac”, “The secret of a good gore gag”, and “The slasher film forever”. This brings the whole discussion into easy bite-sized chunks that will keep non slasher freaks engaged and is a really good base for anyone wanting to learn more.


normanCalum Waddell has worked wonders here, he has taken a very niche genre and opened it up to make it very entertaining and very accessible. And in just 75 minutes he has filled it chock full of people who really care and enthuse and it shows in the final product.

I haven’t got room to mention all the contributors here, but they are what makes it work. Yes there is no Romero, Raimi, Campbell, Argento, Craven, Englund, Hodder, Carpenter etc. BUT they are not needed because the contributors here have all been there and done that and I loved every second of their recollections.

For me this was just a joy , I smiled throughout and recalled many great films through the clips. When this is released (with lots of extras I believe) on DVD I will be first in the queue and will return to the film both as a point of reference AND for a purely entertainment perspective. And be sure when I get my hands on the full DVD I will tag a review of the extras on here !

FANtastic 8.5/10


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