Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (1987) DVD Review


Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity 1987

Dir. Ken Dixon  –  71 Minutes  – Full Moon Productions

UK DVD released by 88 Films

Starring Elizabeth Kaitan, Cindy Beal , Don Scribner , Carl Horner , Brinke Stevens .

Daria (Elizabeth Kaitan) and Tisa (Cindy Beal) are two scantily clad prisoners held in an intergalactic space prison , they manage to escape  by overpowering a couple of quite frankly inept guards and then make their dash for freedom in a stolen shuttle . After realising they are in the back end of nowhere (in the universe that is) the ship picks up a homing beacon and follow it but crash on landing.

Now on a desolate planet the pair meet up with the mysterious Zed (Don Scribner) who allows the girls to stay in his house along with other guests brother and sister Rik (Carl Horner) and Shala (Brinke Stevens) , who also crash landed just days earlier. What happens next is very reminiscent of the 1932 classic The Most Dangerous Game but set in space with sexy slaves and robots.

This is pure B movie fodder but has a charm and innocence that endears the viewer into 71 minutes of pure fun and total silliness. The walls shake , the robots are hilarious especially in one scene when arguing with each other. Just not a film to take to serious, but a must for any fan of proper women in very little clothing for the main. And if you like your men tall(ish) dark and handsome in very tight leather pants then Zed is for you!!


slave288 Films have a lovely release here it is very sharp on screen, the sound was spot on and just looked fantastic.

Now I didn’t know the extras when I received the DVD , so after watching Slave Girls I was flicking on to the extras when I saw a special feature of Famous T&A . Now I was in shock as I has this on VHS back in the very early 1990′s , it was purchased from a store in the sale section and I still remember the woman behind the counter questioning my viewing tastes ” Do you really want to buy this erm Famous Tits and Asses”? . And by god I did , and when I returned home I opened it in anticipation only to find the wrong video was in the box.

I never did return to the shop and lived with this for over 20 years. So when I saw on screen Famous T&A I was almost overcome with excitement. And it was the one , the fantastic Sybil Danning introduces 75 minutes of topless and nude scenes from famous actresses with hilarious commentary and some wonderful trailers too.


famoust&aFamous T&A was also directed by Ken Dixon which is why it features on the extras. And can I just thank 88 Films for putting an end to my 20+ year wait to see that particular feature.

A great release here by 88 Films as part of their *Grindhouse* collection , they have got a really good selection of straight to video classics and more info is available here .

So it is a lovely release with fantastic extras , making it a much deserved 8/10 !!


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