Slasher House (2012) DVD Review


Slasher House (2012)

Dir. M J Dixon   –  88 Minutes

Available on DVD now

Safecracker Pictures

Red (Eleanor James) wakes up naked in a prison cell. She has completely lost her memory and there are a few saw like clues, like “drink me”,and “wear me” , which is on a dress that she then wears and then the cell door opens. She finds herself in what seems to be an old abandoned asylum, but she is not alone .

In the next cell she meets Nathan (Adam Williams) who is another unwilling captive and also has no memory of why or how he got there? But they then realise something, that each time the alarm goes off a serial killer is released from a cell and they must find out how to survive and maybe escape. The first killer released is “Cleaver” who is a psychotic clown with a penchant for little children, he starts to hunt Red down with murder in mind. After Cleaver there are other killers waiting to be released so will Red and Nathan survive the onslaught of mass murderers in the confines of the asylum?

Apparently Slasher House was made on a budget of £5000 . Once you realise this you can start to forgive some of the niggles that continually crop up throughout the film . OK firstly Slasher House looks great, visually it is washed in a green hue and then this picks up really well with Red’s pillar-box hair colour and matching lipstick. Also the setting of the prison/asylum is a great idea that is used to much effect, and the story of a prison which is releasing killers at random times into the halls is good if simple.


However there are quite a few negatives . The script is clunky to say the least and some of the dialogue is cringe-worthy , also some of the acting is poor but again with the budget this can be overlooked as the lead (who has some decent one-liners) pulls the film together. Also the sound is appalling , at times I really struggled to hear what the actors were saying in the prison setting .

Writer and Director M J Dixon has a lot of talent , this can be seen through the lovely camera work and great angles used. And making a full feature for 5 grand then Dixon must add miracle worker to his CV.

As the film started I was quite disheartened as it was slow, meandering with no purpose and at times boring. BUT once the killers start being released (with interesting back stories and unique weapons) the story picks up momentum and I got really engrossed ,and with action and twists towards the end Slasher House does a very good job . And featuring Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden & Wolfsbane frontman) is a certain voice over role was genius!


Out now through the wonderful Safecracker Pictures , you can do a lot worse than pick up Slasher House and keep your eye our for M J Dixon as with a bit more money and resources I expect he will do wonders soon .

More than your average horror film (if you can look beyond the budgetary restraints ).

Verdict 6/10

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