Silent But Deadly (2011) Review


Silent But Deadly (2011)

Dir. Stephen Scott – 80 minutes .

Starring Jason Mewes, William Sadler, Jordan Prentice, Kim Poirier, Benz Antoine.


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Thomas Capper (Jason Mewes- Jay & Silent Bob) is an almost mute man who just loves goats, and he lives with his Father (William Sadler – Shawshank , Green Mile) and his Father’s two Russian mail-order brides. One day he is caught sneaking a peek while his two Step-mum’s get it on.

His Father enraged chases Thomas round the farmhouse and outbuildings. Getting his shotgun he searches for Thomas but just finds a young goat who he believes to be the offspring of Thomas and his favourite goat Lisa. Capper Snr shoots the young goat in the head causing instant death and also Thomas to pin him to the side of the barn with a pitchfork through the neck in a great kill scene.

After murdering his Father Thomas turns his attentions to his stepmothers who he finds still semi-naked in a bed and he dispatches them with axe blows to the head.

Thomas then sets of with Lisa (the goat) in his pick-up truck, we see him driving off and then he picks up a hitcher (Bobby) who turns out to be on his way to a film set nearby. Thomas drops Bobby off but ends up getting a job as the directors assistant purely on the fact that he can make a lactose free latte (he uses goat milk).

Back in the town Sheriff Shelby (Jordan Prentice – Long Pigs, In Bruge) and Deputy Jimbo (Benz Antoine – Death Race, Gothika ) are being followed by a young woman Sandra (Kim Poirier – Dawn of the Dead (2004), Decoys) who is making a documentary on them . The police get a call to visit the Capper farm as there have been bodies discovered there .

Will the police piece together the pieces ? And will Thomas start a new career as a directors assistant and live happily ever after with the lovely Lisa?


Silent But Deadly is a really good Slasher comedy. The start is wonderful with goat loving Thomas being hunted by his hick of a father, who is not just angry that his son was spying on his two wives but also that his two Russian brides are actually only interested in each other rather than him. William Sadler comes out with the fantastic line “Godamn Russian lesbos , worst money I ever spent”. Just after those immortal lines are uttered then Capper kills the kid goat and Thomas takes his revenge.

SBD keeps the laughs coming with a wise cracking 3 feet tall Sheriff and his able but often put down deputy. Sheriff Shelby is a riot and his one-liners are great , he is a small man with small man’s syndrome and poor Deputy Jimbo is often the butt of the Sheriff’s jokes and wrath.

The film set that Thomas arrives has a tyrannical director , beautiful lead actress and great Jamacian kitchen staff who cook up a right storm!

There are many things to like about SBD including Mewes performance as Thomas, he is almost entirely mute apart from just before he kills someone he speaks the name of the implement he will use for the murder “Delicatessen Meat Slicer” for example ! This is genius. Also the performances of Prentice and Antoine as the Napoleonic Sheriff and his long suffering Deputy are brilliant. They play off each other really well and have many laugh out loud moments and great scenes together.

The one bad thing (and for me it is horrendous) is the appalling CGI . Other than the first kill the rest are completely unbelievable, and this is just not needed . There are so many talented FX guys out there and CGI is just used out of pure laziness . The cost difference is non existent and it just really made me dislike a film that on the whole I was really enjoying.


SBD was first screened in Canada in 2011 on Tv ,now I got this copy from a friend in the USA who told me it is scheduled for release in September 2013, so maybe they will be able to edited out some of the nasty CGI (one can hope) and at least make a few of the kills look almost realistic. I know I am going on about this but this is a huge bugbear of mine and it just is not necessary.

So in conclusion Silent But Deadly is a good Slasher that is one best watched with friends over a few beers. It is no Tucker & Dale but it is still a great addition to the slasher genre BUT could have been much better.

Jason Mewes is Silent & Deadly 6/10


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