Selfie (2015) Review

selfie posterSelfie (2015)

Director: Geoff Harmer

Starring: Stacy Hart

Running time: 7 minutes

“I might be a girl but I can mess you up.”

I can’t give any better a synopsis than the one from the website, so to quote “A woman is haunted by a mysterious figure in her selfie photos.” And that figure is right out of a J-Horror, with black hair hanging over her face and a tattered nightgown on. But there is a reason those sort of ghosts work so well, they are implacable and undefined. The imagination can imprint far more menace on them than any make-up job.

Selfie is a great mood piece with dark stairs and a creeping figure that grows closer with every snap the unnamed protagonist takes. Photography and horror have gone hand in hand since the technology was created and the idea of the camera seeing more than we can is an intriguing one that never seems to grow old.

The film begins with most mundane of set-ups, and quickly takes a turn for the creepy. A woman at home watching TV and texting with her boyfriend. The texts appear as little pop up bubbles on screen so the viewer can read them. She sends her boyfriend a few selfies and he keeps complaining she’s not alone. My one small quibble is with the boyfriend who texts her that he’s worried she’s seeing someone else when he sees the figure behind her. Which is ridiculous? Who is she is supposed to cheating on him with? The Grudge?

selfie prod shotStacy Hart does an admirable job of carrying the short all on her own. As the only actor she had to make it work. While there is nothing wholly original about Selfie, it is great fun to watch. Show it to any J-Horror fans you know.

Kudos For: The Ring homage (intentional or not).

Final lesson: Stop taking selfies!


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