Sandra Veronica May Interview by Dean Sills

san1Sandra Veronica May Interview by Dean Sills


Hello Sandra, First of all, thank you for your time and welcome to UKHS.


Q1) How did you get into acting?

There was a day I stayed home from school and decided to watch a few movies in bed. I won’t tell you the name of the film, but I will tell you this: half-way through watching it, I just knew. I remember jumping out of bed and feeling extremely agitated… The next day I swore to my family that I’d attend RCSSD (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama). I moved to London as soon as school was over and gradually started to audition. Eventually, I got into Central and all the fun started from there.


Q2)You were born in Szczecin, Poland and moved to London a few days before your 19th birthday. What do you love most about London and what do you miss most about Poland?

London’s a spy. There’s always someone’s shadow following me, whether it sits on a blue plate, indicating which great mind use to live where, cuts shapes with me down in West End or steps on my foot in a massive Westminster crowd, I’m constantly followed, I’m constantly inspired. Poland is still a home to my family. I miss them.


san2Q3) Which actor or actress inspires you the most?

Growing up I was convinced that God truly comes in the shape of Morgan Freeman; kinda still do. 

Nobody moves me the way Cicely Tyson does though. Her beauty, her demeanour and her unquestionable ability to do the right thing in her life, on screen – ergo in the lives of others.





Q4) You volunteered in Danny Boyle’s London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. This event was watched by 27 million viewers in the UK. Well done Sandra! How proud are you of this fantastic achievement and did you enjoy the experience?

Thank you. That Friday we made history and I couldn’t be more proud. I am proud of 15000 people who came together during endless months of preparation. I am proud of Danny Boyle seeing us off after every rehearsal, even in a pouring rain, he’d be there applauding us. As an actress, it was special to see that level of director’s dedication, it definitely taught me something important. I was in the “Thanks Tim” segment and feel humbled and very lucky to have had a chance to “inspire a generation” through dance and music.

san3Q5) I have watched a few teaser trailers from the segments of ‘Blaze of Gory’ and you look bloody awesome as Stacey, beautiful but also very scary as hell. Did you enjoy playing a character who is locked away in a secure mental asylum for a series of horrific crimes?

Thanks. Her mental illness is the only enjoyable thing about her and I held onto it for dear life. She’s made out of a cloud of rage, everything other than that is merely superficial. What I find interesting is that her blood thirst has little to do with who she really is, her actions are barely her own, her crimes are as much hers as they are somebody else’s.

Q6) How did you get involved with your segment ‘Monster’ and how cool was it performing alongside talented actors like Martin Hancock and Victoria Broom?

No great story there. I found the casting call online, auditioned and got it. Filming with Martin was challenging due to the nature of the scenes, but there seemed to be no problems for either one of us. Victoria is a beautiful woman, very creative. I’m still a rookie, they’ve been around the block and being on set with them definitely made me feel like a pro. What more does one need.

san4Q7) What is the attraction of the horror genre and would you love to do more horror movies as an actress?

Horror questions pretense, lets ourselves feel as much as we’re supposed to. Any other place, (other than the cinema), where we can do that is a cuckoo’s nest. I look for stories with raw, difficult questions regardless of the genre.

Q8) What would be your dream acting role?

Jenny Curran Gump.

Characters with physical or mental disorders. Combat and weapons of any kind are very appealing to me and so is the idea of performance capture. A random person in a casting holding area once told me that I’d have made a good Ariadne in ‘Inception’, it got me thinking that deeply intellectual parts may be my forte. In fact, it is precisely what I was told in drama school.



Q9) If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

A pen, piece of paper and a bottle…

san5Q10) Finally,where do you see yourself in five years from now?

The clever ones picture ‘five years from now’. I opt for the best possible ‘today’.

Dziekuje,it’s been a true pleasure talking to you Sandra,keep up the good work.

Picture courtesy: Sandra Veronica May and Blaze of Gory.

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