Sam Haynes – Welcome To The Horror Show CD (2013)

wtthsTrack Listing:

1. All Hallows

2. Ghost House

3. Shadows

4. Scarecrows

5. Zombie

6. Doll House

7. Ghost Train

8. Midnight

9. Seance

10. 31-13

11. The Dark

12. Halloween Night

13. Midnight at the Funhouse

14. Endless Nightmare

15. Ghost House (Fettdog remix)

16. Scarecrows (Cheekyboy Dub)

17. Witching Hour

18. Spirit Box

Welcome to the Horror Show by Sam Haynes

Sam Haynes has created an 18 track CD that is remarkable. He has made a electronic landscape that recreates the wonderful horror soundtracks for the 1970′s & 80′s.

The music is created for Halloween and Sam also has a Facebook page dedicated to all things Halloween, and Welcome To The Horror Show is the perfect accompaniment for all things spooky.

Right now the pleasantries are out of the way can I just say this is a fantastic release that has been undersold by Sam himself. There is huge talent here and this is a beautiful electro horror release that stands alone as a full soundtrack and not just simply a CD to be played at Halloween parties.

From truly atmospheric soundscapes to fear inducing thumping beats Welcome To The Horror Show is a must for any horror film fan and soundtrack enthusiast . But don’t read about me waffling on about it , get your arse over to his website and check it out for yourself.

A unexpected masterpiece and I can’t wait for more of Sam’s work, check it out and buy it now!!

8 out of 10

Sam’s main site is people can hear his work there. He also currently has a 20% off code for bandcamp , code is halloween.

Here is a link for you to download a full copy from bandcamp –

And his Facebook page –

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