Reel Evil (2012) Review


Reel Evil (2012)

Dir. Danny Draven  –  80 Minutes

Full Moon Productions

Filmmakers Kennedy (Jessica Morris), Cory (Kaiwi Lyman) and James (Jeff Adler) are struggling however they catch a break when they are hired to film a behinds the scene’s documentary at an old abandoned mental institution.

What should be a pretty run-of-the-mill job soon turns into a nightmare as the crew get caught up in various ghostly goings on in the old building.

Now I am getting so tired of *found footage* films, it just seems to be that filmmakers with a limited budget use FF as a way to cut costs and deal with a lack of ideas (in many cases).

Unfortunately Reel Evil does just this. It is just a case of a thread bare plot, no back story, no character development, a poor script and so on. The acting to be fair was OK but I had no empathy with any of the characters and couldn’t care less about their predicament.

As a film set in an old disused mental asylum I was at least hoping for a few scares or jumps but not even one – nothing.

There is very little I can really say about this, it was such a disappointment with almost no redeeming features.

I was expecting something more especially from the press releases , with it being from Full Moon and from the trailer . But it seems the press pics were cherry picked from the film to make it seem far scarier than it is.

A reelly poor 1/10


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