Rec 2 (2009) Review

REC2_BlueRayRec 2 (2009)

Dir. Jauma Balaguero & Paco Plaza – 85 minutes

I loved Rec , I remember seeing it and at the time was fairly unaware of its premise. And it was a brilliant surprise and even though it was shot in the found footage style I got along very well with Rec.

So it has taken me a while to watch Rec2 , but was sent it on Blu-Ray so it would be rude not to watch and review.

So following immediately after the first film we have a crack SWAT team entering the sealed off building to see if they can find out the cause of the virus that has infected the people living there, and also try and contact the firefighters who entered the building and have not been heard of since.

The SWAT team are also accompanied by Dr Owen from the health ministry. But once inside we discover that Dr Owen is not what he seems and is in fact a priest sent by the Vatican to get a sample of infected blood as the original victim is in fact possessed by a demon.

The team must search the building for a vial of the blood but there are the infected ex residents to contend with and lots of twists and turns along the way.

Of course everything MUST be recorded so it is more found footage style on handheld or helmet cameras. And what you end up with is shaky manic scenes especially the ones featuring the infected.

rec2 infected firemanThe acting is far too over the top , with everything being shouted at the tops of voices through the entire film.

I found the whole thing just too tiring, it was exhausting to watch. The whole found footage thing just makes me tired as I really have to concentrate on everything going on.

The story was OK , its all been done before and in my opinion much better. And I don’t think I can really be bothered watch number 3 anytime soon.

Found footage found failing 5/10


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