Rebound (2014) Review

rebound1Rebound (2014) Review

Director – Megan Freels

Starring – Ashley James, Mark Scheibmeir, Ali Williams.

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A common trait amongst many a horror movie protagonist is that of being damn unlucky, often to the point where it becomes quite comical. The lead character in Megan Freels’ directorial debut Rebound, Claire (portrayed by actress Ashley James), certainly has more than her fair share of bad luck in this movie, but the ordeal she goes through is far from comical.

The film begins in the aftermath of Claire having walked in on her boyfriend of several years between the sheets with another woman. Understandably heartbroken and distraught she decides to pack up her life in to the back of her car, leave LA and head back home to be with her family in Chicago.

Now, this is America, so it’s not like driving from Dagenham to Chesterfield, this is a three day drive along seemingly endless highways and through an abundance of backwater towns that all look the same. Therapeutic, you might think. Just what you need after a traumatic break-up, you might think. But you’d be wrong.

rebound3Having stopped off at a service station to use the bathroom Claire is not only harassed by an oddball homeless woman but also manages to lose her mobile phone in the process. Despite this minor setback she continues on her journey, only for her car to give up the ghost in the middle of nowhere.

A creepy local offers to drop her off at the garage in town, and despite her better judgement, she accepts his offer. The mechanic she is taken to is even creepier than the man who took her there and she continues to encounter the strange inhabitants of the town throughout the course of the night. Just as Claire begins to think that things can’t get any worse, they do. They get much, much worse.

This is a low-budget slow burner which is very well acted and directed. There is an uncomfortable, unsettling tone throughout which builds up nicely to a harrowing crescendo. When you sit down to watch a horror movie, you generally know what you are getting in to, but Rebound does a good job of toying with your expectations about what is going to happen to Claire and which of the bizarre characters she meets will be the perpetrator (if not all of them).

rebound4There is also a little twist at the end which will flip your expectation on it’s head. As débuts go, writer/director Megan Freels has done a fantastic job. Gore hounds may be a little frustrated at the slow pace and lack of blood and guts but this is an interesting watch; a solid if unspectacular film. I, for one, will be looking out for whatever Megan Freels does in the future.


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