Rat Scratch Fever (2011) Review

ratscratchRat Scratch Fever (2011)

Dir. Jeff Leroy – 91 minutes

Anyone who has ever seen a Jeff Leroy film (Creepies , Werewolf in a Women’s Prison & Unseen Evil 2 to name a few) will know what to expect when coming across Rat Scratch Fever.

The film starts on another planet with some enormous rats chasing our brave space explorers , unfortunately all but one (Sonja played by Tasha Tacosa) get munched and she heads back to base on earth , but is infected.

Sonja’s return is short-lived as she is shot out of the air by her base as they know she is infected , luckily she jettisons from the craft and lands safely.

Her boyfriend Jake (Ford Austin) waits at the base for her and when she doesn’t return he sets out to find her. But Sonja has inadvertently brought a plague of giant alien rats with her that threaten Los Angeles.

So we have plastic cars , model spaceships and terrible special effects that are not special or very effective.

This is great pulp film making that for the first 60 minutes is really good , but for the last 30 it really drags and loses its way.

If this had been say 70 minutes then I would have loved this but its just too long.

Now don’t worry about the bad effects or poor acting as these all add to the charm of Rat Scratch Fever, but its worth watching with beer, pizza and a few friends.

If you haven’t seen a Jeff Leroy film then this is a good starting point , but remember its not real.

An over the top 5/10

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