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Porcelain Presence (2014) Review

PP1Porcelain Presence (2014) Review

Directed & Produced  By  Chris Jay , Emily.E.Bibb

Co-Written by  Emily.E.Bibb, Chris Jay and Nicholas Mills

Director of Photography –   Nicholas Mills

The innocent lives of three women, as  their  world  spirals into the mouth of madness from  a  devastating and horrific murder….The reality is the horror which awaits.

A tormented ,scared  wife Anna played by Anna Tarsh, becomes  the  subject of brutal cruelty and episodes of emotional terror  in the presence of her twisted, psychotic and uncaring husband Brian played by Stuart Horobin.  Journey into the mind of the demented husband who lives in denial from a troubled past and unwillingly cannot accept his mental infatuation and disturbed admiration for his love of porcelain dolls.

Furthermore, the scenario worsens due to interfering neighbours Sharon and Penny  whom manage to discover and unearth something much more intense of a disturbing nature. Most thought this was the perfect modern home, but in reality this is a house of dark  secrets. Deeper into this psychological  nightmare of a  home, frustration begins to beckon upon the household  like a whirlwind of madness.  The struggles begin to fade away as Brian’s tormented life is bought to an end, The women stand over his corpse while deciding their next move and coming to terms with their troubled emotions before it becomes too late.

pp2I think this movie has so much potential for a wide audience it  is  superbly  written  and is  visually stunning. It also includes  a  musical  score  which  shall  pull you  in  even  further , and  the  performances  by  the  actors  are  delivered  so  realistically and  with  a  powerful  expressive  approach  dealing  with themes, such  as abuse,torment  and  the  psychology  of  mind   games, not  forgetting  the  secret  obsession  with  cold-looking  porcelain  dolls, which  also  gives  an  original  concept  to  the  film.

When  I  first  heard  about  the  superbly  tormented  movie  and  storyline I  certainly  wanted  to  know  more  about  this interestingly  haunting  film. And I believe most people  can  relate  to  certain  themes  within  this  movie, especially  the  abuse and  mind  games, which is an  honest  portrayal  of  human  nature. Porcelain  Presence  is  not  just  a  psychological  thriller, but  also  a film  which  will grab  you  from  the  very  first  moment  and  you  will  feel  the  suffering  and  the  torment  which  is  being  inflicted in  front  of  your  viewing  eyes.

Porcelain Presence will pull you inside to a world of the feared and  the terrified.  A quick thought for you reading this, if you have Porcelain Dolls, have you often wondered that just maybe you will also find yourselves in an obsession or a nightmare to never  forget.

pp3In  my  conclusion  of  this  wicked  tale  of  suspense, I prefer  to  lock  myself  away  from  the  world, including  my  neighbours  and  their  dolls, I just  never  know  what  could  happen. Porcelain Presence , is created by a superb team which the project itself was 100% self-funded, and  globally  recognised   throughout  the  social  media  networks, and  also  featured  and  mentioned  on  some  of the  most  popular  movie-related websites.

9  out  of  10


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